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Purchase a custom rifle with the right SKS accessories – everything from replacement parts to tools to items to improve the look and feel of your gun. We carry a large assortment of items to transform your weapon, making it easier to use in a variety of environments.

The rifle stock is the base of the gun. If the stock of your weapon is worn, consider a replacement with a more modern look and feel. Made from durable materials, these SKS accessories come equipped with some unique features. Many of them can be adjusted to fit the height of the user for a better shot. Others come equipped with a rail system so you can add flashlights and scopes to the gun quicker than ever.

We also carry gun stocks that offer the opportunity to mount a weapon. This feature is built into the device to alleviate the need for extra equipment. Then find SKS accessories that make your device more comfortable to use outdoors. A bipod is a perfect tool for hunters. These items can be attached to the rifle so that it can be used hands-free.

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