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SKS Scope Mount | ON SALE

SKS Scope Mount | ON SALE

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The SKS rifle is a classic firearm that has been trusted by hunters and shooters for decades. While it has proven itself to be reliable and accurate, one of the drawbacks of the SKS is that it does not come equipped with a scope mount. Fortunately, the SKS Scope Mount from Mounts Plus provides a solution to this problem.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the SKS Scope Mount is designed to fit securely onto the receiver of your SKS rifle. The installation process is straightforward and can be completed in just a few minutes, with no permanent modifications required to your firearm.

Once installed, the mount provides a stable platform for attaching a scope or other optic, improving your ability to acquire and hit targets at longer distances. The mount is designed to sit low on the receiver, which allows for a comfortable cheek weld when using a scope.

The SKS Scope Mount from Mounts Plus is compatible with a wide range of optics, from low-power scopes to red dot sights. This versatility allows you to customize your SKS to fit your shooting needs, whether you are targeting small game or shooting long-range targets.

In addition to its functional benefits, the SKS Scope Mount also adds a sleek, tactical look to your rifle. Its durable construction and black finish ensure that it will withstand the rigors of heavy use in the field or at the range.

Overall, the SKS Scope Mount from Mounts Plus is a must-have accessory for any SKS owner who wants to take their shooting performance to the next level. With its easy installation, compatibility with a wide range of optics, and durable construction, this mount is sure to provide years of reliable use and improved accuracy.


What people are saying about the SKS Scope mounts:

Best SKS Scope Mount

A great answer on how to mount optics on an sks. The picitiny rail are is very precise and the mount holds zero after torquing and loctiting the rear pin. The ejection design changes from straight up to a much nicer 3 o'clock throw. The sks scope mount does take a beating from ejecting steel, but it holds up fine.


Excellent solution for scoping SKS

The Matador Arms SKS Scope Mount Works well and looks excellent, and I think this is the best solution for scoping SKS on the market. So I had to make a minor modification to the stock using Dremel to seat this thing properly to dust cover, but that's due to the rifle, as with all SKS, so your mileage will vary.


Fits Tight Follow Directions

I have a Russian SKS I had to file to fit takes 10 to 15 min. take your time filing use small metal file file same angle and take small amount of filing at a time check fit often till it fits tight. The back of cover is almost flush on mine and lever is tigth to move in downward position like the original. The cover is on tight like original Solid no movement.


Yes I would buy this again

The quality of the sks optic mount is good but be prepared to do a lot of hand fitting as it is made oversized at the front and the locking pin hole must be sized not hard but time consuming, also you will need a cheek riser of some sort as the scope will be higher than normal, use the old cover as a template for fitting.


Just take it slow

This as with most receiver sks scope mounts from third parties does take some filing to fit. Just take it slow and do many test fittings to make it fit. If you will be using a scope, which I assume you will by purchasing this product, I should mention this will not take the Tapco Shell Deflector which is by far superior to the one that attaches to your front sight rendering it useless. This was also the hardest receiver scope mount I have ever installed on a sks.


Give us a try and you will descover that MSP is the best place to find a sks scope mount for sale.

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