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At Mounting Solutions Plus, we offer an array of SKS rifle stocks to help you rein in the power of your new weapon. This brand, while known for its compelling and well-crafted weapons, is also known for guns that can have recoil that must be dealt with appropriately in order maintain control and accuracy. This goal is easily achieved with SKS rifle stocks.


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Choosing the Best SKS Stock

These easy-to-use, reliable, and quality items will quickly offer any smart gun owner the control of their weapon that they desire. Once you use one of these SKS Stocks and see how much extra precision you gain when aiming, you will never go back to not using one.

SKS rifle stocks have many benefits that make them stand out from the competition. They are easily adjustable and can be fitted with different guns, so if you own more than one weapon from this brand, this makes it simpler for you to switch between them. The adjustability also makes them an excellent choice for use on shooting ranges.

Another benefit of these items is that they are easy to fold. This makes them easy to store and transport so that when you’re on that long hunting trip, you can easily carry your item with you until you need it. These SKS Stocks are also sturdy and reliable. Don’t let the sleek looking design fool you. These tools utilize fiber-force technology, which is well-known among gun enthusiasts as a superior method of absorbing recoil, increasing accuracy, and protecting your weapon.

Don’t let recoil intimidate you any longer. Get the most out of your weapon when you order an item from our selection of SKS rifle stocks. Not only do we bring this high-quality brand to you from the convenience of your home, but we also carry these items to you at affordable prices that allow you to get your hands on the SKS Stocks that you need, right when you need them. If any confusion about our array of products is holding you back, don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our friendly staff members would be more than happy to help you find the perfect item.

What people are saying about some our SKS Stocks.

Excellent SKS Stock!

Very lightweight, comfortable grip, and relatively easy to install. Installing the gas tube cover was quite tricky as the pin had to be drilled out. Be ready to do some work if your gas tube pin is difficult to remove. Otherwise, it's a great way to upgrade your weapon for the price.

William - Tapco SKS Stock with Bottom Rail

This SKS tapco stock stock was cake to install.

This SKS Tapco Stock was cake to install. The overall fit and finish are very nice. For a drop in the stock, everything was snug, no slop in it anywhere. The only real tough part was removing my old gas tube assembly. The pin on that was tough to get out, but that had nothing to do with the stock. The new gas tube rail needed about one half of a swipe with a file to fit perfectly. If you can't install this stock, you probably shouldn't be shooting guns, let alone altering them.

Vick - SKS Tapco Stock with Bottom Rail

This is an excellent SKS Stock

I think that the only thing that would make it nicer is if the factory would get rid of the case lines from the manufacturing process. The only problem I had installing was with the upper handguard. It took nearly an hour to get that stupid little pinout. If done over, I would have just drilled it out. Overall it fits like a glove, and it makes the sks look cool.

Ed S. - Tapco SKS Stock with Spike Bayonet Cut

To start with I have never attempted

To start with, I have never tried to alter any firearms before this project. I'm, at best, a beginner to any work on firearms. I mostly shoot them and clean them. The directions were excellent, and the photos helped. The product was great; no adjustments or cutting or filling was needed. I also bought one of the 20 round mags.... let's say I plan to buy more..... The only modifications I made where on the underside of the foregrip, I have a Russian made SKS with the collapsible bayonet... to get it to fold in, and I had to remove part of the rail mount and make a small groove for the blade. I could have chosen to remove the bayonet and make no adjustments at all. With my limited background, I assumed it would be an all-day took two hours only!!!! If more bullets had been available, I would have given them. Oh, I don't think the price is terrible either..... Thanks, Tapco

Brother brand - Tapco SKS Stock

High Quality, Excellent Fit

Norinco SKS, the stock essential, just clicked in as if it was a custom fit. I highly recommend ATI Outdoors. The final result has had added a modified UTG rail that I tapped into the receiver to double ensure no wandering of sight during fire. I find it easier to alter the Tapco "duckbill" mags by merely shaving off the endpoint of the "bill" to fit the ATI SKS stock. Also, I drilled/tapped the stock end piece to fit the supplied sling mount. Just a beautiful result. The total build time/conversion time was less than 3 hours. Shooting 2-inch groups at 60 yds (yes, 60 yds on my private shooting alley) with PPU SP ammo and a 1x red dot. I swear that accuracy has improved somewhat. The ATI stock is the centerpiece. I highly recommend it.

Peter - ATI Strikeforce SKS Stock

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