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SKS Wood Stock

About SKS Wood Stocks at MSP

Mounting Solutions Plus is a proud supplier of SKS wood stock. The TimberSmith Thumbhole product is by far the next level in premium craftsmanship. From the comfortably integrated and sturdy cheek rest to the recoil rubber that has been precision fitted, no to mention the contoured thumbhole, every element of the SKS wood stock has been designed with superior performance in mind.

The item is not suitable for left-handed shooters, but left-handed varieties are available. The product has been wholly crafted in the U.S.A and is reported to count as two 9222r compliance parts. We stock a range of different models and finishes with color choices that include brown, black, and even camo.

This product has been designed with a combination of elements as asked for and recommended by shooters around the world. The smooth thumbhole design has been developed around the customer’s needs. The larger than normal cheek piece is intended for usage with a scope, and the thumb hole that conforms to the shooter’s hand allows for increased accuracy and also distributes any recoil among the shooter’s palm and shoulder. The front end of the SKS wood stock has been balanced to complement barrels from 21 inches right up to 25 inches long. This means it will very easily accommodate barrel actions that come with sporter contour barrels. Firearms that have notably larger barrels can be inlet in for this product. What’s more, the fore end has side vents that allow a free floating barrel to cool for long days spent out on the shooting range. The product is available in a selection of different in-letting to accommodate a variety of barreled actions.

You may find you need to adjust the product slightly to achieve the perfect fit; this is normal. Take a look at one end, and you will notice a very soft yet robust rubber-coil pad. Right in the middle of the pad, there is a screw. Just loosen the screw and pull the pad backward ever so slightly. This is how you can adjust and move the butt pad up and down to fit your firearm perfectly.

Just pick your color and place your order today.

The distinction between inferior quality and premium SKS Stock is undeniable. At MSP, we only offer SKS Accessories from the most trusted brands like ATI Outdoors & FAB Defense. Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell.