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SKS Folding Stock

SKS Folding Stock

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Choosing a SKS folding stock

An SKS folding stock from Mounting Solutions Plus is designed for one primary purpose: to decrease the overall length of your rifle. In doing so, a foldable option will aid you getting in and out of your vehicle, will be easier to store, and will also be easier to conceal if you need to keep your firearm out of reach and visibility. There are a few basic SKS folding stock options; fixed, under-folded, left-side folded, and right-side folded.

Fixed varieties don’t wiggle and don’t allow for anything to go wrong. They won’t interfere with your optic rails or drums, and they never fail. Under-folded varieties are particularly suited to the AK. This variety is modeled after the piece on the German Mp-38 and is designed to avoid interfering with your optics rail or even your fire controls. These can either be folded or unfolded and won’t interfere with a 30-round magazine.

Left-side folded options offer the main benefit of not interfering with your fire control mechanisms. Right-side folded types won’t interfere with your optics rail and allow for enough clearance so that a shooter can access the trigger and bolt. This variety is very rigid and will remain so even after extreme usage.

The ATI Fibreforce SKS folding stock from Mounting Solutions Plus is the definitive choice for military design complete with Fiberforce Dragunov elements. The item boasts a ventilated forearm with a dowel sling base and thumbhole grip. The sure-grip textured pad is intended to improve your grip when shooting, and the adjustable cheek rest has room to store your cleaning kit. The product is designed for both left-handed and right-handed shooters.

The ATI Strikeforce with Scorpion Recoil System has a six position collapsible folded buttstock and can be fired from that position. The system comes with a Razorback recoil pad, pistol grip, and ergonomic sure-grip. The item remains flexible in even the most extreme temperatures and also eliminates the felt punch of the recoil.

All our products come with a limited lifetime warranty and have been manufactured right here in the USA. If you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to contact our support team. To place your order, state the quantity you require and head over to check out.