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Surefire Scout Lights

Surefire Scout Lights

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Way back in the 1980s, the development of technology-enabled flashlight producers to make even smaller and more durable lights to mount on a firearm. These torches, commonly named a tactical flashlight, attaches to the front of a firearm, and usually has a remote tape switch going back to the rear of the gun which shooter can use to activate the light. 

In the early days, the lights were relatively fragile and expensive, and until recently, weapon-mounted lights were rarely seen on standard police firearms. But today, many patrol rifle and a home defense guns have been fitted with lights, while they are an inevitable part of the weapons of special operations military and police teams. The current offer of weapon lights uses advanced LED technology to illuminate operator surroundings and target accurately. Depending on your needs it's important to choose weapon lights with a beam pattern capable of providing a solid throw on your target. Because sometimes having the brightest light isn't always best while, too broad of a beam pattern will light up your surroundings, but can be less effective in longer range applications. As always, the mission drives equipment, and that should be the filter used to judge all gear choices.

As a rugged, dedicated weapon`s light it should easily handle the abuse from powerful rifle calibers, and in the same time, they are also very efficient on power use, so a run time of one hour or longer is typical. As the industry leader in tactical lights for firearms, the SureFire Company, based in Fountain Valley, California, first had the vision to apply an intense white light on a sidearm or the long barrel guns and remain the standard by which all others are measured. These weapon lights are compact and recoil-proof to provide a peak performance in the harshest environments. SureFire regularly deliver innovative tactical products supplying as elite special operations groups as well regular citizens.
In their catalog, SureFire offers several types of WeaponLights intended for rifles, carbines, and submachine guns. That relatively new lightweight weapon-mounted lights that SureFire makes are the popular Ultra Scout Lights with M300 and M600 models—powered by 123A lithium or AA Lithium battery (depending on the models). The M Series Scout Lights are compact and incredibly powerful LED of weapon-mounted torches that will withstand the rigors of combat without weighing down your weapon.