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SureFire Overview There is one thing that SureFire signifies regarding superb weapon equipment: the ideal flashlights available. This remarkable company utilizes the highest quality materials and newest LED technology, as far as its items are concerned, making sure that despite the circumstance, each of your requirements will be catered for by your flashlight when some light is required to eliminate darkness.

Among law enforcement as well as any force which requires carrying out work in cities or closed surroundings, SureFire is preferred. These flashlights are very efficient for battle circumstances (close and medium) and also to confuse and frighten the opponent if it consists of night adjusted vision.

The SureFire Flashlights are presented with a selection of different illuminating power; however, each of their lenses is formulated to focus the light well inside a powerful beam, with just sufficient light seeping through to facilitate enough peripheral image.

Venturing outside at night without an efficient flashlight is similar to suicide; this is a risky scenario. When you venture outside you should be aware of whether the equipment you have is dependable and reliable. This is the reason SureFire is guaranteed to make you experience the contentment of previous clients before you have experienced.

About SureFire Flashlights

The story of SureFire is one which is created using light. The story started in 1969 when Dr. John Matthews, an engineer from Cal Tech with a Ph.D. ascertained that lasers held the future. He launched Newport Corporation to connect the laser power for industrial use.

Over the following decade, Newport Corporation developed to turn into a leader in the sector of the laser. Patents were provided, contracts were awarded, and business flourished.

Enjoying the limelight of attainment, John’s imaginative mind ventured in the direction of shooting, which was his hobby; he was passionate about it. He asked himself whether it was possible for a laser to be modified to work as a firearm’s sight. In 1979, the ideas John had were realized, and he created a laser sight and patented it.

The first laser sight was vast and inflexible, compared to the current standards. More enhancement of the technology would have needed the sanctioning of Newport Corporation to endorse huge investments other than its primary business interests.

Therefore, John together with numerous vital members of the technical staff of Newport who supported his dream presented a proposal to the board to purchase the business for a laser sight. When their plan was agreed to, John resigned as Newport Corporation’s president and became the leader of the latest company that was created, Laser products. Now John was able to concentrate all his efforts on the laser sights’ commercialization for guns.

The initial product for the firm was a Colt Trooper. Next was a Ruger Mini-14’s sight. In 1984, a police agency in the locality made a call which would practically change history for Laser Products as well as Dr. John Mathews. The call was from the SWAT Team of the Los Angeles Police Department.

The Olympic Games of 1984 were to take place in The City of Angels. The police wanted to know whether it could borrow some laser-sighted shotguns for use during the Games, for safety. John agreed to this. In the following years, the laser-sighted guns which were technically brilliant but costly provided a gateway for future enhancements.

None of them was commercially practical; however, Laser Products were ready to cater to the requirements of law enforcement. This caused the growth of a unique concept at that period; a flashlight which was weapon-mounted.

The inception of SureFire WeaponLight took place, transforming military actions and low-light law enforcement. Laser Products continued ascertaining themselves as the top producer of rugged, reliable and robust illumination gadgets for tactical uses. Examples are lights that are weapon-mounted and laser lights as well as shield lights and baton lights and strong hand-held lights which are sufficiently bright to be termed as ‘force-option’ equipment which could disorient, blind and disturb a threat. At last, the brand of SureFire became so identified with brilliance in tools for hand-held illumination that Laser Products, the firm’s name, was

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