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Surefire 6PX

Surefire 6PX

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Choosing a SureFire 6PX

There is nothing as reassuring in a dangerous nighttime situation as the feel of a good flashlight at the end of your fingertip, ready to illuminate and stun your enemy in place. Law enforcement officers would not be caught dead without one in their nighttime operations and neither should you. What to choose when it comes to weapon flashlights? Well the answer is easy if you’re looking for the best: SureFire 6P. This amazing product line from SureFire is certain to please even the most demanding veteran, with its strong built, great design and superior practicality. SureFire 6P uses only the best when it comes to LED technology and will offer great concentrated illumination that will allow just enough light to escape for a decent peripheral vision in the darkness. The concentrated beam is certain to stun most enemies in place, ruining the night adjusted vision.

The casing is made from strong aluminum, keeping it light while also ensuring it is strong. The lenses are designed not to break or fog easily, to serve you even in the direst situations. Don’t tread in the dark, get your own SureFire 6P now!