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Streamlight ProTac

Streamlight ProTac

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Choosing a Streamlight ProTac

It seems that flashlights that are powered by a single AAA battery have become a significantly great interest to many shooters and hunters lately. With a single AAA battery powered flashlight, you are no doubt going to get something that is small and lightweight but most of all it needs to be reliable. Well, with the Streamlight ProTac, that is precisely what you can expect!

At first glance, the most obvious thing you will notice about the Streamlight ProTac is its overall size; this is more than likely the most obvious thing that sets this particular flashlight apart from all the other tactical handheld flashlights. The Streamlight ProTac ever so slightly longer than 4 inches in length and weighs a featherweight 2.3 ounces and uses the power of a single AA battery, what more could you possibly ask for? Streamlight has taken advantage of LED technology within their ProTac flashlight to produce an incredibly bright white light from such a tiny product.

The Streamlight ProTac features a rubber covered switch which can be located in the tail cap of the flashlight. This is the only switch on the flashlight is and used to control the on-off function plus the various lighting modes that are available with this flashlight. This flashlight includes a single Energizer brand AA battery and also a useful pocket clip. The clip can be removed if you so desire, but it can be a little difficult and fiddly to do so, either way, it’s a handy addition to the product. Despite the clip being difficult to remove, this is not necessarily a bad thing or poor design choice; it merely means that the flashlight is far less likely to fall away from the clip accidentally. Streamlight also generously includes a durable nylon belt pouch to protect the ProTac flashlight, which works wonders.

The very front part of the Streamlight ProTac flashlight head features delicate looking scallop cuts. These cuts are designed to allow more light to escape if the flashlight is to be placed onto a hard surface, head down. These cuts will enable the light to avoid to let you know if you left the flashlight on. As with the high number of professional handheld flashlights that are currently available on the market, the ProTac from Streamlight is made in China, but still provides users with a limited lifetime warranty, which is always a plus.

The light output levels from ProTac are typically expressed in three different ways, beam distance, candela, and lumens. When you understand the three expressions for a particular flashlight, it enables you to gain insight about the flashlight’s overall capable output. The ProTac provides 1,100 lumens on the high production which equals to approximately 1.5 hours of running time, whereas, in a low output setting, The ProTac offers 35 lumens which are equal to around 36 hours of runtime. With a happy medium, you are more than likely looking around about 15 hours run time.

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