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Magpul ACS-L Stock | ON SALE

Magpul ACS-L Stock | ON SALE

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Choosing the Magpul ACS-L

There are many shooters and hunters out there who will often question ‘what exactly makes a good stock?’. Well, a good stock must be robust, sturdy, rigid, provides the user a good and solid cheek weld surface that is still comfortable, a simple yet effective locking mechanism and the overall ability to hold up to all the unexpected knocks, bumps, and drops which come with the conditions of the battlefield or on the hunt.

What makes the perfect stock?

With many stocks, you will often or not hear some form of rattle caused by slight movement within the stock. This small amount of play in your firearm setup is capable of having an adverse effect on your overall accuracy when it's time to get serious. Secondly, sling attachment points are incredibly important to any setup and should suit both your shooting and carry style comfortably. Tube tops should also be smooth, comfortable and fit your face accordingly. This applies especially to the users who may mainly have a lot of facial hair. A cheek weld surface that may not be completely smooth and free of surface interruptions will inevitably pull at beards and short facial hair which can cause severe discomfort and also a significant loss of concentration.

A unique design that favors all shooters and hunters.

When it comes down to all things Magpul, there is very little doubt that you are guaranteed anything less than high-quality products, that function well, and also look fantastic in the process. Magpul were one of the very first companies to begin styling their products and have continued throughout the years to put in real effort when it comes to designing visually appealing accessories for your firearms rather than sticking to the pre-existing and incredibly common military designs that always look so outdated as if they were stuck in the early 80’s. While Magpul may have made a well-established name for themselves with many thanks to their bespoke visual style, what has continued to make them the number one choice is their overall ability to produce innovative and practical designs that are also useful and capable of solving most problems we all encounter on a day to day basis. One of their products, in particular, that is an excellent example of this is Magpul’s ACS-L carbine stock.

When we take a look at the original and standard carbine stock, there have often been many complaints with regards to how it feels, especially to how unstable it can often feel. The typical and the most common solution to a stock that appears to have too much movement is to replace it, using a fixed length stock. This is where Magpul comes in. Magpul is known to offer only the very best in high-quality fixed length stock in the industry.

A welcomed upgrade in the world of stocks.

The original ACS design from Magpul had initially included two compartments which were situated along the cheek piece that was able to increase the surface area and even allowed for battery storage, but many individuals would often find it far too bulky to be useful. The brand new improved ACS-L design from Magpul has removed these compartments but still provides a user-friendly cheek piece that is much more similar to the older Magpul stock designs, which many individuals now prefer. The ACS-L’s unique sloping cheek weld plus the combination of its featured rubber butt-pad (stock pad measured in at .30in, but .55in and .70in butt-pads are also available from Magpul for additional recoil reduction). When looking at Magpul’s ACS-L’ design, it appears to have been manufactured to withstand and a good old beating. The stock also features a shrouded adjustment lever which means it’s far less prone to accidental release, plus a friction lock for added stock stability when out on the range or during a hunt.

The ACS-L stock from Magpul also offers sling mounting solutions for users, which is always great news. This includes an exceptionally generous sized loop for the use with a two-point sling system to be anchored on the inside curve of Magpul’s stock. What’s more is that the Magpul ACS-L stock offers multiple holes which have been pre-drilled and tapped to accept Magpul’s QD cups, which can be used for both single point or two point sling systems.

One particularly great thing about the Magpul’s ACS-L stock sling related features is that Magpul has eliminated the wobble which was initially associated with it. In addition to that, the stock features an additional button in front of the existing button which is found on the older models. This button allows you to lock the stock solid once you have finished setting everything up correctly. This additional button indeed works excellent, and when it comes to releasing the stock to adjust it or remove it, it doesn’t require any need for particular attention or tools, push the same button, and everything works as intended. And with a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of just $100, it’s surprisingly affordable, considering the number of significant benefits this revolutionary stock provides.

For individuals looking for the stability and reliability of a fixed stock without being forced to swap out their existing carbine buffer tube, the ACS-L stock from Magpul should undoubtedly be your number one choice.

Magpul ACS-L Stock Features:

  • Mounts on regular sized airsoft carbine receiver extension tube (this is not included with the product) in both GBB and AEG respectively.
  • Sloping cheek weld which can provide users with a broad contact surface, designed for comfort.
  • Storage compartment with right-hand side positive latching access door.
  • Supplemental friction lock helps to prevent accuracy reducing movement.
  • Replaceable 0.30" Rubber Butt-Pad provides users with an anti-slip surface.
  • Compatible with Magpul ASAP® plus other receiver-mount sling attachments

Sling Mounts

For the reasonable price of $100, you are guaranteed to receive a sturdy and robust stock that is capable of providing you with a significant balance between functionality and maneuverability. The combination of features and price tag make this affordable stock a number one on our list.