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Harris Bipod Adapters & Mounts | ON SALE

A Harris bipod adapter is the perfect solution if you want more maneuverability of your weapon without having to purchase an entirely new set-up. These items can be trusted because they come from a brand with a reputation for quality and reliability. The have a sleek and simple look that will look great on almost any stand. All items from this brand are carefully constructed right here in the United States to ensure quality and consistency.

Harris Bipod Adapters & Mounts | ON SALE

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Choosing a Harris Bipod adapter

There is a reason this brand has a great reputation among hunters and marksmen everywhere. It is not flashy, but it consistently delivers top-quality products that will help you make it through even your most difficult hunting trip.

You should look into purchasing a Harris bipod adapter if you want to be able to make quick swivels while hunting or aiming your weapon. These items allow you to adjust your aim in a speedy fashion without losing stability. They are perfect for those long hunting trips, where you need to easily move your weapon to follow the path of your target. All of these items are made from top-quality materials that can stand up to the elements.

There is a reason we carry an array of Harris bipod adapter options at Mounting Solutions Plus, and it is because we make our customers our number one priority. We never bring you second-rate or poorly constructed products; we only bring you brands that you know and trust, brands that we are confident will not let you down. Harris bipod adapter options are all part of this category, and the best part of all is that we offer them at affordable prices.

No matter what you need to improve your aim and accuracy, we will have some great options for you to choose from at Mounting Solutions Plus. If you are confused or need any help navigating our inventory, get in touch with us today. You can give us a call at any time, and one of our friendly associates will help you find exactly what you need. Once you have the perfect weapon, all you need is the perfect accessories, so let us help you find them today.

Popular Harris Bipod Adapters

  1. IWC Keymod Sling Stud - Directly attaches to KeyMod forends.
  2. MIM Swivel Rail Adapter - Mounts to all Sling Swivel Studs on most hunting and bolt action rifles
  3. Arms Bipod Mount - Designed to mount to a Harris and adapts the bipod to the well known and proven A.R.M.S. Throw Lever System.
  4. Sadlak M1A Front Rail - allows rail replacement or removal without removing stock.
  5. Sadlak M1A Bipod Mount - Reinforced Quick Disconnect (QD) Post Assembly replaces the stock M14 front swivel
  6. MIM Rotating Bipod Adapter - Picatinny rail adapter that allows all Harris Bipods to Rotate.
  7. M1A Sling & Bipod Adapter - Adapter will work on any M14 or M1A rifle with wood or polymer stock
  8. Aim Sports Harris Bipod Adaptor - Attaches to a mil-spec picatinny rail and adds the correct stud for mounting a Harris or similar bipod
  9. Harris #2 Bipod Adapter - Allows mounting of swivel stud on hollow synthetic forends.
  10. MIM Shotgun Bipod Adapter - Adapter for the Remington 870 is mounts securely on to the tubular magazine on your Remington shotgun.
  11. MIM M-lok Adapter for Harris Bipods - Allows mounting of any Harris bipod to a M-Lok style handguards
  12. Magpul M lok Rail Bipod - Allows for the attachment of Harris bipod style stud mounted bipods to M-LOKĀ® compatible Handguards and forends.
  13. MIM Keymod Bipod Adapter - Allows mounting of any Harris bipod to a KeyMod style handguards
  14. IWC MOE Bipod Adapter - Directly attaches to any slot on M-LOKĀ® Compliant Rails and ALL Magpul MOE Handguards
  15. Harris Bipod Adapter for Wood Stock - Works on any M14 or M1A rifle with wood or polymer stock.
  16. Ruger M77 Bipod Adaper - allow you to match any Harris bipod a Ruger Model 77 Synthetic stocks.
  17. Harris Bipod Adapter Mini 14 - allow you to match any Harris Bipod a Ruger Mini-30 and Mini-14
  18. Harris 5 Bipod Adapter- Fits AR-15 round handguard.
  19. MIM Picatinny Rail Bipod Adapter - Attaches to the Picatinny rail with two hex screws.
  20. Haris Barrel Clamp Bipod Adapter- Universal Bipod Adapter allows you to customize your single-shot pistol or rifle with a bipod.


What people are saying about these Harris Bipod Adapters:

Best keymod Harris Bipod Adapter

I love this Harris Bipod Adapter!!! Its a pain in the but to put on, but once it is on, it doesn't move for anything. I have tried to beat it out of place, and it doesn't move one bit. I am running this on a CMMG MK3 AR-10, and it is still holding tight where I put it. I would but this again if I get another keymod system on any weapon system.


Works great so far

The IWC Keymod Harris Bipod Adapter Wasn't the easiest to install, had a friend help me, so I suggest an extra hand to keep from chucking your keymod rail (and or stud in question) in frustration. But it seems to be well made; we'll see how it holds up to the cold snow. And because I see some reviews pointing out it might not work on all keymod, it works great under my Sig MCX.

David R.

Great Keymod Bipod Adapter.

Easy to install and fit tightly in my Samson evolution keymod. I had read some negative reviews, but honestly, I think the reviewers were not mechanically inclined. The install was a breeze. I will be ordering more!

Love My Rotating QD Harris Bipod Adapter

Love My Rotating QD rotating bipod adapter,! Mine is on a Sig M-400 and attached to an RBA-1 bipod adapter, which makes it even more adapter. This bipod is great for shooting from a bench or prone. Appears sturdy and well made, yet lightweight. Easily deployed.
Looking forward to many years of use.

William B Fegley

Excellent Bipod Adapter mount after fixing

Excellent build quality, I like the rotating capability. I was not too pleased with the slack the adapter has on my Picatinny rail; this could be due to the rail itself though since I find not all rail dimensions are exact. I was able to fix the slop by cutting some rubber strips to fit in the Picatinny slots, leaving them a little longer creating a shim when sliding the adapter over the rail. My bipod is now mounted solid and has no play whatsoever.

It works for my X-Aegis Bipod

You can either use one of their special tools, but I used a T20 screwdriver and pliers to attach it to my M-Lok carbine handguard. It sounds like I overdid it lol, but getting it set uptight in that tiny space on the inside of the M Lok handguard is a mfer. I used the pliers to hold the nut as I tightened the screws. I am so happy. Attached this Magpul m Lok bipod mount for my X-Aegis Bipod. Purchase that with this and forget those expensive bipods.

Daniel Kirk

Very strong and the Harris Bipod fits up nice

Very strong and the Harris Bipod fits up nice and tight Added this Magpul m-Lok Harris bipod mount to my Ruger 10/22 with Magpul stock to attach my Harris bipod. A bit challenging to install if you have never used one before, but if you take your time, it will make sense in the end. Very strong, and the Harris fits up nice and tight!

The third hold from the front (on the bottom obviously - with a Harris Bipod)

I used this Harris Bipod Adapter on an S&W M&P Sport II. The third hold from the front (on the bottom obviously - with a Harris Tripod) is where it fits the best & most reliable. I attached the bipod & used the included washer to center it in the hole then used Loctite 21425 epoxy to glue in place. I put packaging tape at the ends, so I didn't drip in any in unwanted areas. I also put a rubber cap over the threaded section to keep the glue off the threaded part. I let it set up overnight, then added a second application. I did NOT glue underneath the adapter & plastic forend of the rifle. After letting everything sit (I'd leveled everything ahead of time & taped it from moving), I again let it set up overnight. Still, with the bipod attached, I removed the plastic cap & added a third coating of Loctite 21425 epoxy. After this set up overnight, I used an excellent abrasive cut off wheel on a Dremel Tool to level the bolt & "nut" centerpiece. Afterward, I painted the cut surfaces from a small bottle of white epoxy appliance touchup paint that I use for gun sites. I now have a STRONG base, REMOVABLE piece & NO sacrifice in looks. It was inexpensive, everything looks original & I couldn't be happier.

James K. Newport

Always have a great experience

Harris bipod #2 Hollow Fronend Adapter, everything it said it was to be, as always I have been ordering from Amazon for over I believe five years now. Always have a great experience, all data and description of product is presented before ordering. Time and date of delivery is always know. One always most satisfied customer.

Darcy O.