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Harris Bipod | ON SALE | Harris Engineering Bipods

Harris Bipod

Harris Bipod | ON SALE | Harris Engineering Bipods

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Choosing the Best Harris Bipod for your needs

Get the most comfort when you shoot by adding a Harris bipod to your gear. These devices offer a place to set the rifle, so it is ready to fire. They free up your hands so you can quickly grab extra gear and still be set up for the shot.

Harris Models Explained:

To Use this Identifier to Select Your Bipod:

Note: Bench Rest Items are marked with "*" in Harris Column 2.
Select Swivel or Non-Swivel (S or 1A2, Column 3 or 4)
Select Leg Notch or Smooth (M or B, Column 5 or 6)
Select Length from Column 7.
To order selected item, use MSP# from Column 1.

Leg Smooth
Leg Notch
HBP-SBR-000 BR* X X 6"-9"
HBP-1A2-BR0 BR* X X 6"-9"
HBP-SBR-M00 BRM* X X 6"-9"
HBP-1A2-BRM BRM* X X 6"-9"
HBP-SL0-000 L X 9"-13"
HBP-1A2-L00 L X 9"-13"
HBP-SLM-000 LM X X 9"-13"
HBP-1A2-LM0 LM X X X 9"-13"
HBP-S25-000 25 X 12"-25"
HBP-1A2-250 25 X X 12"-25"
HBP-S25-C00 25C X 13.5"-27"
HBP-1A2-25C 25C X X 13.5"-27"
HBP-1A2-H00 H X X 13.5"-27"


Popular Harris Products

Harris Bipod Installation

Why Buy a Harris Bipod?

When it comes to buying a bipod for your gun, then the Harris Bipods is the way to go. This bipod collection is the most durable, best quality bipods on the marketplace. Made from aluminum alloy and steel, these American produced goods designed with a shooter in your mind, and need no tools for installation. Many shooters concur that Harris Engineering is the best brand in the bipod market.

With regards to selecting a bipod for your rifle, the choice is based on the shooter. Your shooting position, in which you'd be shooting at, what sort of shooting conditions you will be in, and even shooting methods all play a role when choosing a bipod. Hinged bases vs. Strong foundations, swivel capabilities, fast release legs, and also notched legs are features to take into account. Also, aftermarket adapters can be found for nearly any kind of adjustment you want to create, from swivel tensions abilities to 180-degree rotation — the 6-9 in. Bipod models are the most famous because they're ideal for bench shooting.

Also, the saying goes that the closer to the floor you're, the more accurate your shot will be — the 9-13 in. Models serve the same function as the 6-9 in. Models, but they're a bit more flexible and also to work well with thicker shooters. Taller bipods are supposed to serve unique functions and are best for seekers who have to cope with snow or underbrush. They can be best for shooters who search or take a prone position, or the ones that sit shooting. Men six taller and feet may also considerably benefit from a taller bipod.

Overall, bipods are fantastic for all kinds of shooters. They prop up your rifle at an even degree and, therefore, can help to increase precision. With regards to buying a bipod, and Harris Engineering Bipods is the most trusted mark in the marketplace. Their designs are user-friendly, so their materials are lasting, and also the quality of the product far surpasses any one of the other brands. There's a reason these Bipods are the only bipod the US military uses, and three-quarters of Precision Rifle Blog's shooters uses just Harris.


What people are saying abou the Harris Bipods:

The Harris Bipod is a must-have

This product is a must-have for the serious shooter. The heavy-duty construction allows you to dig the legs into the ground properly and 'load' the bipod as bipods are meant to be utilized. Fit, finish, and function are flawless. If you buy this item, make sure also to get an Alpha-Bravo bipod lock for quick precise adjustments. This is the only bipod I would recommend. Get your Bipod for Sale at MSP, you will not regret it.

- Jacksonville

I use two Harris Bipods

I use two Harris Engeinerin Bipods of this same model - both on Savage model 12's, a Savage MKII TR, and an RRA AR15. It fits well, adjusts easily, and has lasted for about eight years so far. I like that it fits perfectly with a Protektor rear bag rest - it lines my crosshairs up dead on target at 200 yards, which means less fiddling around when I'm trying to evaluate mine reloads. I'm buying two more, so I don't have to switch the others about when I switch calibers. I would recommend these to anyone wishing to shoot from the bench or prone. If you intend to shoot from the sitting position, I'd recommend the longer bi-pod legs, in the neighborhood of 27" version.

- Tommy

The Harris swivel-base bipod is one of the best investments

The Harris swivel-base bipod is one of the best investments you can make as a shooter. Purpose-built, well made, and perfect for prairie dogs and bench shooting alike. I had previously used their fixed base bipods but found that any degree of imperfection with the leveling on a shooting bench had to be corrected by adjusting a retightening the legs individually and then tightening the tension screws. With the swivel base, you cant the bipod to level, and you're all set. While the fixed base models are equally well made, I will never go back to them because these are just too much easier to use.

- Luis

Harris has the Best Bipod

The Harris Engeinerin Bipod is very sturdy while not adding much weight. This is my third Harris bipod, and I have never had an issue or complaint with any of them. For extended range precision shooting, the "S" model is beneficial to keep the vertical at 90 degrees when laying on uneven ground. Can't go wrong with this bipod! Great price & great value!

- MountainDude

This is everything you would expect from Harris

This is everything you would expect from Harris, excellent quality, and great features. I particularly like the built-in sling mount so the sling and bipod can stay attached at the same time. The only glitch is the tilt lock knob. It is too small to use with or without gloves. This is easily fixed with an Alpha-Bravo short bipod lock handle. Harris should look into making this a standard feature.

- E

UPS came to the door that evening

UPS came to the door that evening, the bipod was mounted and had gone out the range to try out. A1+ + +! I was not sure of the swivel feature, how it worked, and what it was to do. I bought on the recommendation of others who own Harris Bipods and know the feature. After shooting with the bipod installed, I found that the swivel feature is reasonable compensation, whereas you do not have to adjust the individual lengths of the bipod legs. When on an uneven surface, with the bipod legs at different positions but both are at the same extended length, the swivel feature allows you to level your gun. Of course, the leveling feature only goes so far, and you still may have to adjust the legs. This is where the swivel feature comes into fine-tune the rifle. No question about it, this is a great bipod, well made, strong, legs are not flimsy and hold fast whether up or down. The 9-13" is exactly what the claim is that it is for bench rest shooting. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

- Fred

Alt Description:

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