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Harris Bipod 6-9

Harris Bipod 6-9

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What people are saying abou the Harris Bipod 6-9:

I searched for a while for which was one of the better models. Everyone I talked to and everything I ...

Bought this Harris Bipod for my long-distance bolt action rifle. I searched for a while for which was one of the better models. Everyone I talked to and everything I read said to go with Harris. Yes, it's more money than others out there on the market, but you get what you pay for. The Bipod is VERY sturdy. The legs are spring-loaded and come out with ease and go back in just as easy. The swivel is also very helpful to have for adjusting your cant. It took no longer than 10 minutes to install. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great rifle bipod.

**Make sure you add some blue Loctite to the screw. Recoil will back this out and cause the Bipod to become loose. Blue. NOT Red (unless you never want to put it on another gun)


Real Solid, Easy to Use - Actually the Harris HBRS

No complaints at all. I have this on a .22 rifle, but I'm sure it would handle more easily. This is well made, and everything is good and tight. Legs lock into the height notches firmly; springs are stiff, feet are good rubber. I also like how you can adjust the tension of the hinging ability from loose to full lock.

To be clear, Harris calls this Rifle Bipod the HBRS model, and that's what's stamped on it.

Zach B.

Good sturdy Rifle Bipod

I'm glad I didn't try to cheap out on this item, I had been reading reviews on all the bipods out there, the Harris Bipod always came up as the best. This is a sturdy piece of equipment, I mounted it on bolt action and tried it during the cold spell we just had, it performed flawlessly, the swivel is a must if you shoot anywhere else than on a bench. Also, like the notched legs, making it easier& faster to adjust. Made in the USA.


Excellent tool for its intended purpose

First off - the instructions were terrible. You will have to spend some time figuring it out after reading them and studying your weapon and the Rifle Bipod.
After that, you are home free as it is easy to use, very adaptable to establishing an excellent firing position and versatile under a wide range of scenarios. I have seen some others in stores for about half the price but not had the opportunity to try them. I can tell you this one from Harris works.

CH Luke


These were on my gun in less than 30 seconds, and I have never put one on before. Everything works flawlessly. This Bipod seems to be made very well. This unit is susceptible to canting your gun, so whatever preference you have for the amount of force to tilt the gun you can achieve. The legs go up and down extremely quickly and solidly.



All I can say has already been said many times over, and it's all POSITIVE. The tilt feature is an excellent addition. Additionally, MidwayUSA sells a product that will address tightening the tilt bolt. Search for the "Alpha-Bravo Bipod Lock for Harris S Model Bipods Short Angled Zinc Handle." It's less than $20.00. This makes the Rifle Bipod complete. In case you wonder, Amazon does not yet sell this handle.


Harris S bi-pod, all the cool kids have them :)

Using this bi-pod on two rifles shooting out to 1000 yds Must buy the "pod-lock" to install on bipod swivel lever as the knurled adjustment knob is kinda a pain and is hard to torque down. Attaches firm to the sling stud on both my rifles with no movement, rubber pads protect finish too! I like the notched legs and spring action, no regrets.

D. P.

Best Bipod for the money

These bipods are sturdy, reliable, and lightweight. I've bought two of these, and the ones with the notches in the legs are by far the best, as they make it quick and easy to adjust the height on the go rather than messing with little twisty knobs. The legs easily fold up and out of the way when not in use. You can pay double for other bipods, but these work great and never fail.


It's a Harris Bipod- what more can I say?

I have put a few of these on different rifles I have owned and loved them all. I would say that the most crucial consideration you need to make is determining where you will use it the most, as that will determine the length of the bipod legs. For bench or range work, there is no need to get the swivel option, and the 6-9 inch model works best. For fieldwork (i.e., hunting) the 9-13 with swivel and notched legs is my favorite, but the 6-9 will work too, it just depends on how high the grass is and if you are on a hill. If the ground is relatively flat and bare, go with the shorter one assuming you are shooting prone.

These also mount up more securely if you attach them to a rail adapter first. I would Loctite the Bipod to the adapter, then take it on and off using a QD rail adapter. \


I love it and wish I bought it years ago when ...

I have used the regular Harris 6-9 without swivel for years. I just attended a long-range rifle class, and we were shooting from all sorts of awkward positions. I would say more than 80 % of my shots were from a canted position. I quickly learned that this Bipod with a swivel is a must!!! I love it and wish I bought it years ago when I first started precision shooting...


Spend a little more and get the best

Harris Bipod is far and away one of the best bipods on the market. While there may be many "look-alikes" that cost less, you get what you pay for. I have used Harris units for many years as a SWAT operator and also recreationally on weekend trips to the range. The Harris Bipod won't fail and consistently holds up under heavy use. The "look-alikes" will sooner, rather than later, fail when you need them the most. Please spend a few dollars more and know your equipment will be there when you need it.



The distinction between inferior quality and premium 6-9" Harris Bipod is undeniable. At MSP, we only offer Bipods from the most trusted brands like. Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell.