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Harris Bipod 9-13

Harris Bipod 9-13"

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What people are saying abou the Harris Bipod 9-13":

Great Bipod

I bought this to mount on my Rem700 chambered in 300WM. The legs are adjustable, so I can either lean on the bench or over the hood of my pickup. The rubber feet prevent damage to the paint. They are quick and easy to adjust. A bit more mass than I expected, but that just speaks to the quality of the materials used for the build. Also, I got the long bull barrel, so I'm not looking for something light that I'm necessarily going to lug around all day. Maybe a little bit pricey, but when you realize you're going to drop $2000 optic, the price doesn't sting. Pay more initially for quality, and save yourself the frustration of having a cheap one break on your and the hit to the pocketbook to buy another replacement rifle bipod. Also, the side to side roll works nicely; I was surprised.


It's the best. Period.

What a fantastic product. I put this on my Springfield M1A. I have an archangel stock, which has a built-in under the rail. As a result, I had to purchase an inexpensive adaptor (about $4.50 + shipping). It affixed to the stock quickly, easily, and firmly. I took it to the range to test it out, and I am delighted. It quickly deploys and collapses while providing a sturdy mount for both seated and prone shooting positions. I improved my grouping at 200 yards from 6 inches to 2.5 inches. I am thrilled with this Bipod. It is worth every penny. You will not be disappointed!

Matthew Nesbitt

A product that is all it is cracked up to be

I read a lot of reviews of bipods before I finally decided to spend so much on a Harris Bipod. It is robust, super tough, and has built-in quality from the heavy rivets to the neat leather pads where the Bipod contacts the rifle stock to the bushing inserts on the legs that give a precision fit and smooth movement to extend and retract the legs. It was simple to install and is easy to deploy and extend/retract the legs. It is everything the positive reviewers said it is.


Harris Bipods has enabled me to be a sniper that shoots paper zombies at 100 + yards.

First off, here is my build. Smith & Wesson MP-10, Burris scope mount with a Leupold Mark AR scope. I purchased a Picatinny rail adapter at a local gun show. I also bought a Rota-Pod adapter for the Bipod. I read several reviews and researched bipods and adapters for several weeks before making my decision. I knew before I purchased my Bipod, which adapter I needed, and I planned accordingly.

I read the instructions for the Bipod and studied the illustrations before even getting my AR-10 out of its case. The Rota-Pod fits perfectly into the Bipod. The legs locked into place easily. The legs also extended in and out quickly and closed firmly. I didn't find any sharp edges that might cut, and everything is reliable and well built and designed.

It took maybe 5 minutes to install the adapter on the Bipod and to put the Bipod on my rifle. This was the first time I have ever put a bipod on a firearm. The rotation of the Rota-Pod was smooth and silent. The swivel action for the Bipod allows for use on uneven ground. The swivel action was also quiet and silent, and it was easy to adjust the friction to slow it down or lock it in place. The knob for the friction lock is large enough that you can use gloved fingers to turn it while it's mounted on the rifle with the Rota-Pod. The legs have to be fully retracted if you want them to shoot out when extending them. The spring to extend the legs is right above the rubber feet. At first I was disappointed in this, but then I realized it's probably safer than having a large internal spring that shoots the legs out like a bullet. The external springs will probably last longer if you don't leave them compressed when storing the Bipod.

My shooting is bench rest and prone. I don't have any problems with the recoil from the rifle, making the legs flip up into the storage position. The Bipod is stable, and my body movements cause the only change in the gun.

I also considered an atlas bipod, but they are about three times more expensive. I've looked at bipods at gun shows that had different mounting systems, but they felt sloppy or too light. I'm happy with Harris bipods, and I won't hesitate to repurchase them. They are tight, easy to operate, and well designed.


Harris Bipod SLM

The Harris bipod lives up to the reputation that precedes it. I was tempted to go with one of the cheaper looks like you can pick up in Wal-Mart until I saw it and a Harris side by side at a local range. Brand X had way more movement features like swivel, pivot, wracking, and wobbling. Harris has left to right tilt and rock-solid adjustable legs and was close to a year older. They were both mounted on 308's, and the guy said he shoots about 1000 rounds a year through both rifles.

I bought the 9 - 13-inch model, if your 6' tall or shorter that proves to be just a little too tall for most bench rest, nothing that a tall shooting bag under the rifle butt won't solve. My buddy is 6'-4," and he said it's perfect for him setting at a bench. If you are going to be shooting in the prone position, the 9 - 13 is the way to go.

As far as the pod-loc goes, I think it would be nice to have it come on the Bipod, but I can finger tighten it down enough so that it is so stiff it does not move while taking shots. I like it that way for hunting, your target or your rest are not going to line up at a predefined angle to level your scope and will likely move at least once while zeroing a long shot.

Update: 6'-4" buddy showed up with the 6"-9" Harris Bipod and for bench rest shooting that is more comfortable, but I am keeping mine for prone shooting and hunting. If I get into target shooting, I will want a 6"-9" Harris for sure.


Harris bipod

A perfect example of you gets what you pay for. I have cheaper rifle bipods on other guns but didn't think they would hold up to my 308, so I spent the money on this. I have been out with this gun three times, all shooting at full height and couldn't be more pleased with it! If you have the money to spend, I would say this is the one. the one-touch to extend them is a neat feature


You Get What You Pay For.

Sometimes it's best not to be cheap. When it comes to rifle bipods, that would be one of those times to go for quality instead of some low grade good enough POS. Harris Bipods are built to last with the quality parts that are used for assembly. If you're looking for a high-quality rifle bipod, you don't have to look any further than those named Harris; they are worth your money. I mounted this onto a Ruger SR762/308, and it's just sick. They fired over 200 rounds through it and had zero issues with the Bipod.


Fits to adapter perfect (Ruger)

I put this on a Ruger 223 Target model 5808, fit perfect to the adapter plate, I see a lot of people have some trouble with this? There is no stud to connect to... The adapter fits where the sling would go, meaning there is a hole where the rectangular piece is that the sling slides through is where I put a Kotter pin through there, the adapter doesn't touch the gun to leave any marks, you don't need to drill a hole in your gun for stud, adapter has stud on it


Harris LMS rifle bipod

Very impressive construction, it locks into place with authority. I mounted it on my Savage bolt action rifle in about five minutes, and I'm "mechanically challenged", to put it mildly. It comes with a sling attachment, as it uses the one on the stock to mount to. A flawless design, well worth the money.

Sweet Bipot!!!

This Rifle Bipod Rocks. The canting feature takes the generally stiff Bipod to feel out of shooting. You have thought it before, go to shoot, and it's like the Bipod is fighting you for control of your rifle. There is plenty of flex with this unit and if you are on a side incline then you can adjust the locking legs to your needs. This may not work for all situations, and there are many ideas of the ideal Bipod, but if you shoot like 90% of normal people, then this should work for you too. I put this unit on an AR10 with the Yankee hill adapter and so far it has been flawless. It seems odd at first that the legs fold forward, but they do so the recoil will not damage the Bipod or the rifle mount. I also purchased the quick-lock adapter and have been delighted with the setup.

Cigar Smoke