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BOBRO 30mm Precision Optic Mount with 20MOA
    BOBRO 30mm Precision Optic Mount with 20MOA
    Purchase BOBRO 30mm Precision Optic Mount with 20MOA
    • BOBRO 30mm Precision Optic Mount with 20MOA
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    Bobro 30mm Precision Optic Quick Release Scope Mount with 20MOA

    Item No: B03-200-300-20

    Bobro Engineering is known to be one of the many favourite and most popular manufacturers of high quality, quick-release mounts amongst many firearm enthusiasts. Bobro’s highly recommended precision optic mount 30mm rings are ideal for regular AR users. Not only are these highly sort-after rings affordable, they are typically and exactly what most AR enthusiasts are looking for, or perhaps would be if they were prepared or willing to spend no more than $200. It appears that today’s precision optic mount 30mm rings from Bobro are something of a new form of hybrid of the precision optic uni-mounts which many bolt gun users typically have and also the popular cantilevered quick-release mounts which are more common with AR users.

    Bobro have doubled up their levers in order to handle any levels of heavy recoil loads, while also adding robust 30mm rings. They have also significantly stiffened the hard backbone to base juncture by manufacturing it into a single piece, all while retaining the popular cantilevered nature. Bobro have also accommodated a large saddle section in their design of USO T-Pal scopes.

    This specific design from Bobro performs and behaves exactly as what is said on the box. The design is solid, robust and there are many individuals who have no issues or opinion about its ability to return and hold to zero. For individuals who enjoy pulling out their precision rifle optic occasionally and mount it securely on to their AR, this is most certainly an excellent and ideal option to consider. The cantilever on Bobro’s mount will also be significantly appreciated by individuals who may have long necks but shorter long arms, as the more traditional rings typically cannot be mounted and seated securely far enough forward when placed on a properly sized rifle, in order to gain enough eye relief when in prone shooting. Many shooters typically end up increasing the overall length of pull to ridiculous levels in order to compensate for this issue and then experiencing problems with a ridiculously long rifle held out in an awkward off-hand shooting.

    Not everything about this particular product is perfect. Due to it’s price tag, it can still be considered affordable, yet it still remains up in the top price bracket. It also it lacks a variety of the extras which are becoming increasingly far more common in the likes of premium precision optics uni-mounts. A mounting point is also not present for the likes of an add-on angle gauge.

    Design Features and Benefits Bobro 30mm mount:

    • Compatible with any form of 1913 specification rail.
    • Completely user adjustment and tool free.
    • Rail will not become damaged due to any form of user error when attaching.
    • Does not shoot loose.
    • Comes with safety latch.
    • Incredibly robust and hardwearing.

    BOBRO Precision Optic Mount 30mm Rings Specifications:

    Height: 1.420" from the center of 1913 to the tube center.
    Weight: 7.5oz
    Ring Spacing: 2.950" from the inside to inside
    Ring Spacing: 4.670" from outside to outside
    Ring Width: 0.860" wide (each)

    MANUFACTURED BY: Bobro Engineering

    Alt Description:

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    The distinction between inferior quality and premium Quick Release Scope Mount is undeniable. At MSP, we only offer 30mm Scope Mounts from the most trusted brands like Bobro Engineering. Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell.


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