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Barrett 30mm ZERO-GAP  Scope Rings
    Barrett 30mm ZERO-GAP  Scope Rings
    Purchase Barrett 30mm ZERO-GAP Scope Rings
    • Barrett 30mm ZERO-GAP Scope Rings
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      Manufacturer: Barrett

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    Barrett ZERO-GAP Rings: Easy to use. Impossible to shake.

    These high-tech scope rings give you the perfect interface between your scope and rifle with Barrett's ZERO-GAP technology. Manufactured from 7075 aluminum alloy, they grip tight even under the heaviest recoil without adding unwanted weight.

    Barrett Scope Rings exclusive ZERO-GAP technology also allows you to avoid the usual challenges that other optics-mounting systems present. With traditional rings, attention must be given to maintaining an equal gap between the lower ring and the ring cap. The scope may potentially rotate out of perfect alignment while the cap screws are being torqued. Barrett's scope-clamping ZERO-GAP design allows you to simply tighten the cap on the indicated side until there is no gap between the lower ring and ring cap, check for perfect reticle alignment, tighten the other side and fire away.

    ZERO-GAP rings are available in 30 mm and 34 mm and a variety of heights, offering the perfect fit for everything from a low-mounted, action-hugging scope on a hunting rifle to a high-mounted, large-objective optic on a tactical rifle.

    Features and Benefits of the Barrett ZERO-GAP Rings

    Heavy Duty Hardware

    The rail clamping cross bolt and nut are precision machined from hardened steel alloys. The cross bolt is securely pressed into the scope ring base, and the end of the bolt is staked to retain the nut. The cross bolt is designed with a broad shoulder to perfectly interface with cross slots of mil spec 1913 rail to resist even the harshest recoil. The top cap of each ring is retained by four robust Torx screws placed with broad spacing to provide consistent and evenly distributed clamping force.

    Precision and Tolerance

    All critical features on Barrett ZERO-GAP Rings are machined with great care. The 30-mm bore will be exactly that with a diameter tolerance of plus or minus .001", perfect roundness and position in relation to the mounting rail. Angles and surfaces in the rail clamping feature of the lower ring are held to great positional tolerances to ensure the scope is held centered when bolted up to the rail.

    Fit and Finish

    Every component of Barrett ZERO-GAP Rings is carefully handled all the way to packaging. All edges are beautifully rounded to prevent snags and resist corner wear. The 7075 T-6 components are hard anodize coated in black to mil spec MIL-A-8625 Type III Class 2 specification for superior surface hardness (60 Rockwell) and resistance to wear. Steel components are manganese phosphate coated to mil spec DOD-P-16232 Type M Class 2 specification.

    ZERO-GAPĀ® Design

    The unique scope clamping design of Barrett ZERO-GAP Rings takes care of some old optics mounting challenges. In the past, great attention was required when securing scope ring caps to maintain an equal gap between the lower ring and top cap on each side. There was also the possibility of rotating the scope out of perfect vertical reticle alignment while torquing the cap screws in a side-to-side pattern. These problems are eliminated with the ZERO-GAP design. Simply secure the cap on the indicated side until there is no gap between lower ring and cap, check for perfect reticle alignment, and then torque the remaining side to the required specification.

    30 mm Accessory Ring Cap: Expand the possibilities by simply replacing your ring cap with the Barrett Accessory Cap that offers 1.77 inches of rail space for a red dot sight, a laser designator or a number of other accessories. (Fits Barrett 30 mm ExRings and ZERO-GAP rings.)


    For Every Application
    Barrett ZERO-GAP rings are available in four different heights. From a low mounted action hugging scope on a hunting rifle to a high mounted large objective optic on a tactical rifle, you are sure to find one for your particular application.

    Scope Ring Height
    Old ID#
    Height Height A Height B
    HRB-13321 HRB-30MM-LOW Low Scope Rings 1.0" .40"
    HRB-13322 HRB-30MM-MED Medium Scope Rings 1.1" .50"
    HRB-13323 HRB-30MM-HIGH High Scope Rings 1.3" .70"
    HRB-13324 HRB-30MM-ULHI Ultra High Scope Rings 1.4" .80"


    The distinction between inferior quality and premium 30mm scope rings is undeniable. At MSP, we only offer Rings from the most trusted brands like Barrett. Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell.

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