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Trijicon: The Epitome of Precision Optics and Electro Optics

Welcome to our dedicated category landing page for Trijicon products. Trijicon is a name synonymous with innovation, precision, and reliability in the world of rifle scopes, night sights, red dot sights, and electro optics. With a legacy built on delivering absolute accuracy and industry-leading technology, Trijicon stands out as a trusted brand among shooting enthusiasts, professionals, and defense personnel worldwide.

Why Choose Trijicon?

  1. Precision Engineered: Trijicon products are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that users experience unparalleled accuracy and reliability.
  2. Innovative Solutions: From the renowned RMR® red dot sights to the advanced electro optics, Trijicon is at the forefront of introducing cutting-edge solutions for various shooting needs.
  3. Versatile Range: Whether you're into hunting, target shooting, personal defense, or serving in law enforcement or the military, Trijicon has a product tailored for your specific requirements.
  4. Legendary Reliability: Trijicon products are known for their durability and performance, even under the most challenging conditions.

Featured Trijicon Products:

  • Rifle Scopes: Experience unmatched clarity and precision with Trijicon's range of rifle scopes, designed for various shooting scenarios.
  • Night Sights: Enhance your low-light shooting capabilities with Trijicon's advanced night sights.
  • Red Dot Sights: Quickly acquire targets with Trijicon's red dot sights, known for their ease of use and accuracy.
  • Electro Optics: Dive into the future of shooting with Trijicon's range of electro optics, combining advanced technology with practical functionality.

Trijicon's Commitment:

Trijicon is not just a brand; it's a commitment to excellence. With products that have been tested and proven in the field, Trijicon promises to deliver performance that exceeds expectations. Their motto, "Innovative Rifle Scopes, Night Sights, Red Dots & Electro Optics," captures the essence of what they offer to the shooting community.

At Mounts Plus, we are honored to present a curated selection of Trijicon products. Each product listing provides comprehensive information, ensuring that you make an informed decision tailored to your needs.

Explore the Trijicon Collection Now and experience the precision and reliability that only Trijicon can offer!


Popular Trijicon Products :

  1. Trijicon Red Dot Sights - Decades of partnership with Military, law enforcement and competitive shooters worldwide has helped us create the most innovative lineup of red dot sights and reflex sights on the market.
    1. Trijicon MRO - (Miniature Rifle Optic) is a sealed, miniature reflex sight intended for use on rifles, carbines, and shotguns to provide fast target acquisition.
    2. Trijicon RM06 - LED sight powered by a standard CR2032 battery and housed in rugged forged aluminum.
    3. Trijicon RM07 - Adjustable LED is capable of being mounted to our variable and fixed magnification optics.
    4. Trijicon SRO - (Specialized Reflex Optic) is designed with a maximized field of view and a clean, crisp red dot that delivers improved pistol accuracy in competitive-shooting and target-shooting applications.
    5. Trijicon RMR HRS - Selected by U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) for the Handgun Reflex Sight (HRS) Contract after extensive testing and evaluation
    6. Trijicon RM01 - Redesigned and upgraded electronics that have been proven to perform when mounted on slide ride pistols and other small arms.
    7. Trijicon RM09 - The 1.0 MOA dot in the RM09 gives the user our smallest dot available in our Adjustable LED models.
  2. Trijicon Accupoint - When you want the very best—without compromise, without fail, without second guessing—go with a Trijicon AccuPoint® riflescope.
    1. Trijicon Accupoint 5 20x50 - Gives tactical shooters, varmint hunters and law enforcement snipers the ability to accurately extend their range in any light
    2. Trijicon Accupoint 1-4 - Gives hunters and sportsmen extra magnification and illumination to increase their accuracy in the field or on the range.
    3. Trijicon Accupoint 2.5 10x56 - Has extreme light-gathering capabilities with a huge 56mm objective lens, 30mm tube, multiple lens coatings
    4. Trijicon Accupoint 1-6 - A favorite among hunters, competitive shooters and plinkers, offering true 1x magnification with the flexibility to reach out to 6x for longer range engagements.
    5. Trijicon Accupoint 3x9 - Illuminated by fiber optics and tritium, providing a crystal-clear aiming point without the need for batteries. Enjoy fast target acquisition in any light conditions, allowing you to stretch your hunt from dawn to dusk.
  3. Trijicon Reflex - Robust, battery-free, illuminated sight that offers shooters the perfect combination of speed and precision under virtually any lighting conditions.
    1. Trijicon Reflex Sight 4.5 MOA Amber Dot - RX01NSN - designed for the M4A1 as sold to the US Special Forces.
  4. Trijicon Night Sights - Self-luminous, three-dot night sight set that features a highly visible photoluminescent paint outline to quicken sight acquisition
    1. Trijicon HD XR Glock 19 MOS - Specifically designed with the ever evolving challenges of law enforcement agencies in mind.
    2. Trijicon 1911 Novak Cut HD Night Sight - Orange - Orange Outline / Green Tritium, Rear: Black Outline / Green Tritium
  5. Trijicon Acog - There's a reason the Trijicon ACOG® (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) is the official medium-distance engagement optic of the Marine Corps and U.S. Special Operations Forces.
    1. Trijicon Acog 4x32 - The concept was simple; a durable scope with a reticle that illuminates in low-light and no-light situations—without requiring the use of batteries.