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Trijicon VCOG

Trijicon VCOG

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The VCOG from Trijicon has been specifically fashioned from forged robust 7075 aluminum and features an integral base which has been designed for the use with AR-pattern rifles and other varieties of next-generation carbines. The base of the VCOG features a bespoke twin-screw mounting system which is capable of securing the VCOG to your rifle’s Picatinny rail section securely and can also be removed just as effortlessly. Any quick-detach system that is capable of working with Trijicon’s ACOG can be also be used on the VCOG.

Both the mounting system and optic is incredibly robust and simple to use. There are no signs of any type of scope rings to work loose or any screws to strip from overtightening. The optic’s turrets have been capped and attached to the scope’s body by secure wires in order to prevent their loss. When it comes to power, a single AA battery is capable of powering the VCOG and sits in a durable housing situated just beneath the optic’s objective lens. If there was ever a soldier-proof scope, the VCOG from Trijicon is certainly it.

Magnification on the Trijicon VCOG is completely adjustable, with many thanks to the rotating ocular housing. The housing itself is fluted in order to provide a secure grip for the user. There is also a small fin that runs across the entire length of the optic in order to provide additional leverage if you need to rapidly adjust the optic’s magnification at any time. There is no denying that there isn’t another type of variable-power scope which features such an easy or faster method of magnification adjust than what is featured on the VCOG. The optic's fin is also both a tactical and visual indicator of where the scope is actually set at. With just a quick glance from a distance or even a light touch in the dark and you will instantly know what the optic’s magnification setting is on.

It’s no secret that one of the largest liabilities of a variable is when you need it quickly, only to check the rifle and discover that the scope is set to its maximum magnification. This can be incredibly dangerous when hunting dangerous game or even during combat. This is because you will quickly lose all your precious seconds discovering and correcting the issue.

Trijicon’s VCOG also features half-inch (when set placed at 100 yards) click adjustments. The turrets are exceptionally low profile, and the well-illuminated reticle adjustment features an Off position between each of the single graduation settings. This means you no longer have to run through each and every single adjustment setting in order to increase or decrease the brightness of the reticle. Both durability and simplicity are constantly present for each of the well thought out features of theme for each feature Trijicon’s VCOG. There is certainly no denying that.

Shooting with Trijicon’s VCOG

VCOG from Trijicon is remarkably clear and exceptionally user-friendly to shoot. Many users are guaranteed to learn to appreciate the featured fin which is situated on the ocular housing the more they use it. All controls and adjustment features on the VCOG are exceptionally easy to manage and manipulate. The VCOG can be quite heavy in comparison to other scopes, but this is, unfortunately, the price you pay for a high-quality scope which is robust enough to withstand physically anything that can be thrown at it.

Next up is the price. The VCOG models can be found for just over $2,000 which means this scope isn’t exactly one of the cheapest available on the market, but it’s important to remember that high-quality glass will never be cheap. Many enthusiastic shooters work by a simple rule, and that rule is that your scope should be as high-quality and expensive as the rifle you own. If you are the owner of a high-quality AR rifle, it certainly makes plenty of sense to attach its equal in glass on top of it, especially when the scope in question is the result of over a decade of field-testing and essential lessons learned in fast-paced combat zones. Teamed together, rifle and scope, a combination such as this would be perfect for a wide variety of different hunting or self-defense scenarios and provide a guaranteed lifetime of service to you. Many users appreciate that Trijicon is continuously trying to spread its expertise across a wide range of its products. By carefully and expertly developing the VCOG, Trijicon may have just produced one of the ultimate variables for AR rifles on the current market.

Eye relief and reticles.

There is no denying that one of the most difficult aspects to get right on a scope of this type of magnification range is the reticle itself, especially when the reticle is set in the first focal plane. FFP reticles are designed to change size as and when you adjust the overall magnification and are perfect to use when measuring or accurately leading targets despite what power setting you decide on using.

The type of glass that is used by Trijicon within the VCOG is the exact same which can be found on the TARS 3-15X optic. The glass itself is exceptionally clear and perfectly for limited light scenarios at either dusk or dawn.

Another great feature worth mentioning and that separates the VCOG from an abundance of other variable-power scopes is the scopes constant yet generous four inches of eye relief. This eye relief ensures that the scope is still usable if you find yourself firing from field positions. Many scopes are capable of working well when used offhand or from a bench. This is because it’s much easier to get your line of sight right behind the scope and in a comfortable position.

The fact that the VOC provides a level of eye relief that remains constant is truly a great advantage. This is because you are not required to constantly move your head into various different positions with each and every single magnification setting. This type of consistency from a scope is a key component when it comes to accuracy.

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