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Trijicon MRO

Trijicon MRO

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Trijicon MRO Overview

MRO or Trijicon Miniature Rifle presents the vision of a sealed, reflex-fashion, meant to be utilized on carbines, rifles as well as shotguns to offer quick target acquisition.

The design it has is meant to be utilized with the two eyes open, offering the operator optimal area alertness. The colossal aperture and pointed illumination path make the viewing region very huge, in an optic which is very small. This facilitates quick target engagement.

This is mainly from shooting situations that are not regular. Lens coatings and electronics that are enhanced emit a bright red spot. The MRO dial for brightness management is primarily formed for multiple uses.

There are a center-adjustment “off” placement and eight conspicuous illumination settings; this illumination dial enables fast and ergonomic modifications.

The MRO has wholly secured adjusters which sustain zero even in the course of aggressive operation and can be altered without the necessity of particular devices.

Forged 7075-T6 housing which is hard-anodized is completely sealed and water-resistant, offering resilience under challenging situations.

What People are saying about our Trijicon MRO

Excellent, Even Innovative

Over the years, I've owned and used numerous Aimpoints, Eotechs, Trijicon's, Meprolights, etc. All have had their strengths and weaknesses, with much of the decision-making process coming down to which features are most important (price? battery type/life? FOV through the optic? weight? size? NV compatibility? etc.). The new Trijicon MRO is designed to compete directly w/Aimpoint's small/light Micro optics, being somewhat larger but still weighing only 5.88oz with the factory 1/3 co-witness mount. However, the MRO differs in a couple of important ways. The larger objective lens provides a 44% greater FOV when looking through the optic; the brightness control is placed on top, so it's ambidextrously accessible, and the brightness control has a 2nd 'off' position well-located between the daytime levels of '2' & '3' (so you don't have to cycle up through every level starting from the lowest NV setting to get a visible reticle) and the W/E adjustments aren't capped (so no caps to lose over time). Battery life is excellent at 50K hrs at setting '3' & 600 hrs at ultra-bright setting '6', '4' should be appx 10K hrs and '5' appx 2K hrs. I find setting '3' to be adequate for overcast days, dim rooms, or night use w/a a 500-lumen weapons light. Switch tension seems a little tight, but that's subjective, and I'd rather have it a little too tight than a little too loose (this and the switch's location help prevent accidental changes in brightness from the switch rubbing against your gear). Care should be taken not to bend or break any of the 12 spring battery contacts when installing the battery, but I encountered no difficulties. I've read complaints about slight magnification, lens tint, reflections & image shift, and I encountered all of these in both my MROs *if I look for them* (it should be noted that the Aimpoint Micros have these as well, according to independent testing but may not be as obvious due to the Micro's smaller objective lens). However, when shooting and focusing on my target, I am completely unaware of any of these so-called problems, and that's what is important to me. Any optic with an objective lens has an optical 'sweet spot,' so I suggest experimenting with the MRO at different locations to determine which is best for you. For me, that's as far back as possible, which has the added benefit of maximizing FOV through the optic (which makes finding the reticle faster & easier when shooting from awkward positions with sloppy cheek weld). An unexpected optical bonus for me was the sharpness & clarity of the reticle. I have astigmatism and found the MRO's reticle to be less distorted than any of Aimpoint's or Eotech's offerings. The bottom line is you get legendary Trijicon toughness, a lifetime warranty, increased FOV, and a well-thought-out ergonomic control setup in an optic that's not much bigger/heavier than the Aimpoint Micros for hundreds less. Five stars in my book!

- Thomas

I love it

It's much faster than lining up 2 sights on target. You put 1 dot on the target and squeeze. The dot is small so it doesn't cover up the whole target when shooting long distances. The only problem I had was I couldn't use cheap cheater glasses because they blurred the dot but I shot fine without the glasses.

- Donnie

Another winner from Trijicon

I mounted the MRO on a Larue mount for a new Ar-15. Minor adjustment was needed to zero. The glass is super clear and the dot is sharp. I am very happy with this red dot sight as it has done everything a high end quality sight should do.

- Berry

Everything I expected from Trijicon and more.

The clarity of the glass and the location of the on/off switch are just two highlights of this optic. When I run drills or attend a shooting school, I don't notice the bluish tint of the glass some reviewers note. What I do notice is the fantastic field of view this optic has. It appears to be built like an AGOG. Enough said on that. The mount it comes with is robust and solid. It has not moved or shifted zero after 500rds on an Adams Arms piston upper receiver. I don't need a quick release mount since I have no reason to remove it. If the battery goes dead I will have to flip up the Troy back-up sights. An apealing characteristic is that Trijicon says the battery should last 5 years on setting 3. This rifle is my main home defense/training gun and the 2 MOA dot is perfect for me. So far, I do not have any complaints about the optic itself. The only negative would be the lack of lens covers. My ACOG and Reflex came with a scope coat or bikini covers. The MRO does not come with any type of lens cover what so ever. As of now, Trijicon and Scopecoat both said they are not making any lens covers for this optic. I mention this because I like to put a cover on the lens while cleaning my rifles and during storage. I would run the MRO on my patrol rifle if my department allowed me. As far as comparing the Aim Point T1,T2 to the Trijicon MRO, my pick is the MRO for two reasons. First being the larger field of view and second being the location and operation of the power/brightness adjustment.

- Rob

Buy Once, Cry Once

You can buy cheaper variants and what not…..but Trijicon is the way to go. True story battery died today after constantly being on since Nov 2018. Changed it out, smacked it and put it back next to my bed. Figured that was worth a review. Stop looking at Wish and just spend the money.

- TJ

I would definitely buy this product again.

I first bought a cheaper red dot, and after 100 rounds it failed. It just couldn't take the constant recoil so I went with the Trijicon MRO and it was definitely the right choice. Excellent field of view and it's quick for competitive shooting.

- Rabbit

Awesome Red Dot!!!!

I was in the market for a red dot, an Aimpoint. After watching reviews on youtube and reading magazine articles, bought this instead. Man was I impressed!!! Zeroed at 50yds, which didn't take much out of the box. Construction is tough. I have taken it to a local carbine class here in Hunt County, @ B-Tactical, and performed flawlessly. This thing is light, and field of view couldn't of been better. Once it was on didnt, have to worry about it. Very satisfied with my purchase. I will likely sell my Eotech to purchase another for my AR pistol. Can't go wrong with Trijicon MRO and the price $$$

- J.J.


This is by far the pinnacle of all red dot sights. The dot is brighter than the expensive Aimpoint PRO. It's the easiest to adjust, with clear markings on the outside with no caps to remove. I zeroed it in with just a few clicks. So far, I haven't found any issues, or things I don't like about this sight. I would recommend it if you can afford the $450 price tag.


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