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Rifle Sling Swivels | ON SALE

Rifle Sling Swivels | ON SALE

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MountsPlus offers a comprehensive selection of rifle sling swivels, designed to provide gun owners with secure and efficient options for attaching a sling to their firearms. Our collection includes a variety of different swivel types and styles, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

One popular option is the quick detach (QD) sling swivel, which allows you to easily and quickly remove the sling from your firearm. We offer QD swivels in different materials and finishes, including stainless steel and matte black. Some QD swivels even feature a push-button release for extra convenience.

We also carry classic swivels that are installed onto your rifle using screws or other mounting hardware. These swivels provide a reliable attachment point for your sling and are available in different sizes and styles to fit a range of firearms.

If you prefer a more streamlined look, we offer flush-mounted swivels that sit flush with the surface of your rifle's stock. These swivels are available in different finishes to match the look of your firearm.

In addition to traditional swivels, we also offer innovative sling mounts that provide unique attachment points for your sling. These include swivels that attach to your rifle's magazine tube, barrel, or even the picatinny rail.

At MountsPlus, we understand that every gun owner has different needs and preferences, which is why we offer such a wide selection of sling swivels. Whether you need a traditional swivel, a quick detach option, or a unique attachment point, we have you covered. All of our swivels are made from high-quality materials and designed to last, ensuring that you have a reliable and secure attachment point for your sling. Shop our selection today and find the perfect swivel for your rifle.