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Remington 870 Shell Holder / Remington 870 Side Saddle  | ON SALE

Remington 870 Shell Holder / Remington 870 Side Saddle | ON SALE

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As a Remington 870 owner, you understand the importance of having easy access to extra shells. That's where a shell holder comes in.

One popular choice for Remington 870 users is the side saddle. This type of shell holder mounts onto the side of your shotgun, providing quick access to extra shells without the need to search in pockets or a separate shell carrier. This can be especially helpful in hunting or tactical situations where speed and efficiency are crucial.

Mounts Plus offers a range of side saddle options for the Remington 870, including models from reputable brands like TacStar and Remington. These side saddles are made of durable materials like polymer and aluminum and can hold four to six extra shells, depending on the model. Some even have added features such as a built-in flashlight or laser sight.

In addition to side saddles, Mounts Plus offers traditional shell holders that can be mounted on your shotgun or carried separately. These shell holders come in various styles and materials and can hold four to twenty extra shells, depending on the model.

No matter which type of Remington 870 shell holder you choose, you can trust that Mounts Plus has the highest quality products and the best selection. Order yours today and be ready for any situation!

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