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Mesa SureShell - Beretta 1301 Comp Side Saddle & 5½ Rail (6-Shell)
    Mesa SureShell - Beretta 1301 Comp Side Saddle & 5½ Rail (6-Shell)
    Purchase Mesa SureShell - Beretta 1301 Comp Side Saddle & 5½ Rail (6-Shell)
    • Mesa SureShell - Beretta 1301 Comp Side Saddle & 5½ Rail (6-Shell)
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      UPC: 878405004042
      Manufacturer: Mesa Tactical
      MFG#: MESA 94210

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    Mesa SureShell - Beretta 1301 Comp Side Saddle & Rail (6-Shell, 12-GA, 5½ Rail) Aluminum

    There is a variety of specifics when it comes to the Mesa Tactical SureShell carrier, but let’s first begin with the clear differences between the two primary and basic models of the Beretta 1301 shotguns. Firstly, the 1301 Tactical model features a much shorter receiver which is consistent with its shorter chamber size of 3 inches. The 1301 Competition model of shotgun features a 3 ½-inch chamber which means it has a much longer receiver. Due to the differences in receiver size, means that the optics rail screw holes may be positioned differently, which means that there are two different versions of the Mesa Tactical SureShell Shotshell Carrier. This is why it’s important to always check which carrier and rail model you need for your Beretta 1301.

    In this article, we will be focusing on the carrier and rail for the Beretta 1301 Competition shotguns. It’s worth mentioning that on the 1301 Competition Beretta shotguns, the SureShell carrier features a much longer rail segment due to there being no ghost ring sight, and it is able to mount securely to the receiver using just four screws.

    Upgrade your Beretta 1301 Competition Shotgun Instantly

    The SureShell Shotshell carrier from Mesa Tactical is manufactured from an incredibly high grade of aluminum, which means you are instantly upgrading from the existing and standard rail segment, which is produced from polymer. Even though polymer rails are great, you still can’t beat the durability and robust feel of a metal rail. If you are considering to use an optic on your firearm, it can be simply mounted onto the rail segment rather than the current factory one.

    Under a brief inspection, you will notice that the Mesa Tactical SureShell Shotshell Aluminum carrier and rail come with an additional rubber tubing. This is designed to replaces the black tube which is already installed. This rubber tubing is designed specifically to apply enough pressure to the shells, in order to hold them securely in place. The white tube that is also visible is designed to be a little stiffer and applies friction to the shells. This means that the shells a far less likely to move around or fall out of the carrier.

    Installing The Mesa Tactical SureShell Shotshell Aluminum Carrier and Rail is Easy

    Installing The Mesa Tactical SureShell Shotshell Aluminum Carrier and Rail is exceptionally easy to do. Simply remove the both of the two Allen screws which are holding the existing rail in place. Once removed, it’s worth hanging on to both the screws and the rail in the event that you may wish to change back to the original factory rail. Due to the holes in your replacement SureShell Shotshell Carrier are far much deeper, the screws that come with your Mesa Tactical carrier will be much longer in comparison to the factory ones. Mesa Tactical also supply you with all the tools you will need in order to replace your carrier and rail, such as a handy wrench, which means you don’t need any other tools in order to install your carrier and rail in the comfort of your own home. As with any replacement, always double check that the attachment is secured correctly and run a quick function test before applying Loctite (or similar) to the screws.


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