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Magpul MBUS Pro Sights | ON SALE

Magpul MBUS Pro Sights | ON SALE

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Magpul MBUS Pro - Magpul Back-Up AR-15 – Front and Rear Sights – An Overview

The Magpul MBUS Pro Back Up AR 15 Front and Rear Sights offer great value for a small price. Magpul has designed the sights to pack in a high level of efficiency and function together with superior durability and flexibility and all this with less bulk!

The Front and Rear of the MBUS PRO are equipped with positive detents that keep them at a standard AR sight elevation when they are set up. Both have a very low profile. The Front is of slender width and is flexible for use with the majority of IR Aiming lasers and other light installations for pros and is also adjustable for height while the rear is designed for tool-less windage adjustments. The sights are compatible with all 1913 Picatinny Rail mounting applications along with Rail height gas blocks.

  • Both the Front and rear sights are made of steel and hardened by a process called Ferritic Nitrocarburizing to enhance their capacity to withstand wear and tear and high levels of corrosion.
  • Both the Front and Rear sights have been designed to be mounted on any MIL STD 1913 Picatinny or STANAG 4694 rail together with receiver height gas blocks.
  • While the Front sight is equipped with an easy to use knob that simplifies elevation adjustments, the rear sight is designed to enable windage adjustments. Both adjustments work without the support of external tools.
  • Positive Detents on the height adjusting knob and up and down positions serve to keep the front and Rear sights in place post set up and the sights have been built to acquire the standard AR Sight elevation on deployment.

The products are manufactured in the United States and offer a great deal of reliability and stability at a reasonable price.

What People are saying about the Magpul MBUS Pro Sights

The Mbus Pro sights is a must-have item

Recently I purchased my first AR. I didn't think about buying BUIS until a friend of mine advised me. Initially, I looked into purchasing the polymer version (trying to be cheap), then decided to go with the steel version. I took it to the range this past weekend and so glad I made the purchase. Mbus Pro sights can be adjusted in the front and rear, although I didn't have to. They are made of sturdy material, sit low on the rail, and are easy to install.


Great little sight

I originally purchased the Magpul MBUS standard version for front and rear sights. The rear was great, but I wouldn't say I liked the front sight with its inward curvature on the rings, and it was pretty full on my lightweight handguard. So I upgraded to the Pro version on the front sight and couldn't be happier. Metal instead of plastic, much smaller profile looks fantastic, it mounts perfectly flush with the edge of my handguard, and the rings have the classic M4 outward curve I love. I would have liked spring-loaded, but not a big issue. Very happy with this.


Magpul Pro flip-up sights

I bought these as a set (f/r) for a new AR. The build quality and design are excellent, typical of Magpul products. The double width (standard/match) first post is a nice feature, as is the dual aperture on the rear sight. The detent on both Magpul pro sights is very positive in both the up and positions. The detent on the elevation is very positive, but it is possible to leave the adjustment wheel in between clicks, which raises the post more than intended. The only issue I had was that the markings for adjustment directions were difficult to read in poor light. A small dab with a white paint pen cured this.


Magpul MBUS Pro rear sight

I love the low profile, I always put some optics/scope as my primary, but sometimes I like to use just the iron for fun. Once this mbus pro rear sight is adjusted to your sight picture and you lay it down for some time, pop it up, and it remains true. I ran approx 800 rds on optics then switched to iron sights, still placing a tight shot group with this mbus pro rear sight.

Good so far

A robust unit. The finger adjustable sight post is rock solid. I haven't tested its ability to hold a zero over the long haul, but I do not doubt that it will hold up. The unit is also surprisingly compact, and it looks great on the rifle. I hope Magpul introduces a spring-loaded flip-up function with the next generation of this sight.


Eye see you

Amazing AR-15 sights have them on all my platforms, quality is remarkable, these are my go-to for views, won’t let me down if my reddot loses power, very durable and weather resistant, and I prefer the flip feature


Mag pull flip-up sight.

It seems to be very durable, and unlike the fixed AR-15 sights on issued US Army M4, you don't need a round or leatherman to adjust your sight. Additionally, it's up in a second if you need it or pretty much unnoticeable if you don't


Back up sights

I was concerned at first that the lock-up and down would not be positive due to no manual release. Reliable but will flip down with minimal effort. The rear sight adjustment I wish had a more solid click when adjusting windage, but for buis, they do the job. For the cost, I would get the mbus and save the money next time.


Perfect BUIS...

Very low profile. I think I read a review somewhere that the front sight wouldn't adjust. It's basically because they didn't follow the directions. Mine did the same thing (kept turning) until I read the manual (RTFM, right?). I also learned that the roller wheel/adjustments could be challenging to move... as well the sights being difficult to flip up. I oiled mine a little and just spent some time working the sight up and down, up and down... just like a gun - they needed to be broke in a little. The rear seemed fine already; the front was stiffer, though. But now - they're both beautiful and getting better with time.

I primarily bought mine so I could have flip-up backup sights in case my EOTech didn't function as well as to be able to co-witness them (for POA/POI checks). I usually keep my BUIS flipped down.


Mbus pro rear sight

Solid mount easy windage adjustment, I use with vortex red dot to co-witness, overall satisfied with product for use as a backup, I wanted a rugged sight that would stand up to harsh punishment and elements, and this is proving itself worthy I built the rifle this went on for using in ruff terrain, it was easy to site in, and I use the more giant peep for the woods I hunt.


MBUS Pro sights

Magpul MBUS Flip-up Sights were precisely what I was looking for with iron sights. The sights are strong, durable, and accurate. Put these sights on my AR and was almost zeroed at 100 yards. I am thrilled with the sights and would refer them to anyone looking for reliable and lightweight sights.


Once you go Magpul Mbus Pro metal sights, you'll probably NEVER go back to plastic again.

These fit the rail a lot nicer, the post is smaller, and it's just BETTER all the way around. NO fighting to slide the sight on the rail. No breaking your plastic sight when it gets caught on something. The Magpul Mbus Pro sights come back closer to zero than the poly sights. They are a lot harder to break, easier to install & set up. Dentists are easy to dial in and click into place very positively. I like these sights! There are some I like better and lots I like less.