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Streamlight Stinger Flashlight | ON SALE

Streamlight Stinger Flashlight | ON SALE

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If you’ve ever felt the terror of your flashlight turning off just in the worst of moments because of a dead battery, then you’ve known true fear. There are few things worse that can happen in a nighttime operation and a smart operator has to be prepared for them. We have the answer to that problem, offering you’re the fantastic Streamlight Stinger, a flashlight that will work for 50.000 hours lifetime and operate at usual intensity for 4 hours straight. Using LED technology, this flashlight will keep on going, illuminating your way with two different setting at your fingertip to choose from.

The Streamlined Stinger is made from durable, durable materials and sports a straightforward and practical design. It is easily mounted onto your weapon and quite easy to use with its dual switch. Our flashlights are pretty light and can be ordered with amount and anti-roll ring. So, unless you want to be that guy with a flashlight gone dead in the middle of a dangerous operation, then you should seriously think about getting this superior powerhouse of a flashlight. Because when it comes to endurance and lengthy process, the Streamlined Stinger is King!

What people are saying about the Streamlight Stinger:

This is the Top of the line in flashlights

This Streamlight Stinger is the Top of the line in flashlights, it gives you more than enough light, and the charge will last a long time, I am a Firefighter, and even though I do not take this into burning houses, I do use it a lot after the fire and other things on the fire ground. I found this Streamlight LED Stinger light on here and could not believe the price, I paid $160 for mine, and that was with a discount, when I ordered this one I saw it had pictures of the chargers but never mentioned them in the description. Trust me; you will get everything in the picture plus the price you will not beat anywhere. Buy this light; you will not be disappointed.


The Streamlight Stinger is the Best Light Brand, EVER!!!!

I just upgraded to this Streamlight Stinger light! I've had an incandescent Stinger for YEARS and felt it was time to update!! I work in Law Enforcement, and these things are the best!! I've dropped my old one an uncountable amount of times, and it's held up to the abuse I put it through!! I decided to upgrade due to the battery saving capability of the LED! I kept blowing through batteries in my old one and got tired of replacing them once a year!! (Yes, I use it A LOT!!! I work night shift) so it was time!! This Streamlight is GREAT!!! I recommend it to ANYONE!!!


The Streamlight Stinger is Bright

The Streamlight Stinger is a Great light. Work as a diesel mechanic. Lights up dark engine rooms and generator enclosures no problem. Battery life is OK, mainly because you are given two batteries (in the kit). Always use on high, runs anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. I have had to send it in for switch repair twice (both warranty). Otherwise, I couldn't be happier.

Super bright, top quality light

I had one of these Streamlight Stinger and lost it on a trip to Colorado. Super bright, top-quality light. It does not spread light but is more direct, just what I wanted. Streamlight makes all types of flashlights. Small but mighty, almost too bright at times. If you are looking for something close up, it may be too bright in short distances. The strobe feature is cool. Great on Halloween when walking with the kids at night. Cars will see you quickly.


Super Bright

My husband has this Streamlight Stinger flashlight for work, and we wanted to get one for home and camping use. It is super bright and far-reaching. We like that it is rechargeable, so no buying batteries every few weeks/months. Having AC and DC chargers is excellent also, so we can charge it at home or in the car while camping.

Small Town ND Mom

Great flashlight!!! My favorite tool!!!

I have owned this Streamlight Stinger for about eight years. I'm a boat mechanic. I need a good flashlight almost all the time. Stinger is my favorite tool!!!!
This is an additional one. The batteries last a very long time!! Extremely waterproof. I once dropped it in a deep bilge full of water while in the ON position. It eventually died before I could retrieve it. It never worked again. I sent it back to the company, and they fixed it FOR FREE!!!! This is a quality product!!!! Sure, they aren't cheap, but they are well worth the money!!!!! 2016 update: I STILL love my Stinger! I bought another just because I can't live without it. I used it recently on my boat to light the way into the dock in the dark. It lights up the dock from at least a quarter-mile away! It has incredible range! I love those flashlights. I got a dc car charger with my new one, and it's always charged. VERY EASILY WORTH THE $!

Gary Saylor

The Streamlight Stinger is a A great flashlight!!!!!!!! super bright

First off, fast delivery of the Streamlight Stinger. When I received the product, it already had a charge. I used this light at work. It's very bright when trying to see under a bus or in the engine compartment of the bus. It takes a while for the charge to go down due to it being l.e.d. I had lost my other light like this one, but it was incandescent. This Streamlight LED Stinger is a lot brighter than the old one. I also like the strobe feature, by pushing to power button twice you have a safety feature when out on the road at night or early morning in case of break down like at my job when a bus goes down & need to see or keep traffic from making you roadkill. You will be disappointed better than any light there. Popular view at my job working on buses.


Last Flashlight You Will Probably Purchase

One of the best purchases for my toolbox. I use it all the time in the garage while working on my car. While a bit pricey, it has been beneficial. I've dropped it accidentally on a handful of occasions, and it still works beautifully. The light is so intense that it lights the end of my street at night. I've had it for over a year now, and I've been thrilled with the purchase.


Streamlight Stinger

I Love this Streamlight Stinger, it has (3) Different Setting Dimnis, StrobeLight & Flashlight You have to hold the button down to get your three different Color brightness You have to click the button twice to get your strobe You have to click the button ones for flashlight I love the fact that it has a very long battery life and comes with an Automobile charger and house charger.


I was happy that it did not have the butt end switch

My old Streamlight had another switch on end, which was always a problem. I stopped using it completely. I ordered this flashlight because I lost my old one, so I already had the charger and cords and extra battery. I was happy that it did not have the butt end switch.

Such a great flashlight. I live in a dark area with ...

Such a great light. I live in a dark area with light pollution laws. So there are no street lights, everyone's houses are very dark (and out in the country so spread at least a few acres apart). I was able to light up home good enough to see around it from 3 houses away, about 1/6 of a mile. It has crazy illumination. Battery life is quite good, especially on the low setting. Pretty amazing light power for that one tiny little LED "bulb." Speaking of which since it's LED, you will never need a new "bulb." I'm not sure you call the LED's bulbs, lol.

And the strobe feature would probably disable someone, or give them a seizure. It is beyond annoying and so bright. I tried it on myself to test it and was seeing tracers and couldn't focus on a computer screen properly for about an hour after.



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