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Impact Weapons Components | ON SALE

Impact Weapons Components | ON SALE

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Impact Weapons Components, LLC designs, patents, tests, refines and produces THORNTAIL, THORNTAIL 2, DROPWING and MOUNT-N SLOT&trade, brand Direct Attach Mounts for slings, firearms, hand guards, along with buttstocks with 1913 MIL Spec Picatinny Rails, KeyMod, M LOK&trade, slots or holes integrated into their design. Launched in 2010 IWC devotion to provide products and gun accessories of the maximum quality, at an aggressive cost, which are made functional and reliable by innovative designs. Products made by Americans who vote & support PRO Gun Officials, Americans who live, work, climb, snowboard, fish, hunt, take, and train. IWC is a United States company, Owned and operated by businessmen and craftsmen who're also shooters and outdoorsmen.

IWC are Americans who stand up for our God-given rights under the Second Amendment and that utilize and take the merchandise and gun accessories IWC market. IWC believes in the American worker and supports them by buying materials, components, and gun accessories from suppliers who're American owned and operated. Product lineup contains aluminum, stainless steel, plating, anodizing, tools and packaging made from Americans who work for our owned suppliers. Quality Assurance. At Impact Weapons Components, Limited liability company, there Isn't Any QUALITY DEPARTMENT. PERIOD. Quality First is assembled into what IWC does, for each Associate and Supplier, as they know our clients demand this.

IWC make QUALITY into each step in our procedure, starting whenever you open our site to whenever you open our custom bundle containing the merchandise or gun accessories you purchased. Topics start with our design concepts and carry on for a long time to come as you like our innovative, Patented, Direct Attach Mounts on your sling and firearm accessories. IWC are continually reacting to changes in technology, trends and more Importantly, feedback from you to enhance your experience with IWC.