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CDM Gear: Shotgun Light Mount

Shotgun mounts are different than standard rifle mounts, requiring the use of special design and materials. To find the right shotgun light mounts that are crafted from solid materials at low, affordable prices is no easy matter unless you buy a CDM Gear mount.

What is CDM Gear?

CDM Gear specializes in creating high quality shotgun light mounts that are created from lightweight, durable 6061-T6 aluminum. This is a combination of aerospace aluminum and advanced structural engineering means that you get a smaller, yet stronger and lighter mount compared to the competition.

As one of the leaders in the industry, they take pride on creating high quality products that meet consumer demands and exceed expectations.

What makes CDM Gear Different from the Competition?

There are a number of factors that help make our gear the choice of many customers who are searching for the best quality at low, competitive prices.

Intelligent Design: There strong believer in simplicity so that you can use fewer tools to install products faster and remove them just as quickly. The people behind CDM Gear understand that you may want to mount one or more different types of lights over a short period of time and our designs allow you to do what you want, when you want.

Low Profile: A low profile to our shotgun mounts means that you keep it on your weapon since it provides an attractive “factory” appearance. Plus, your weapon can be stored in a case or along a gun rack without any interference from the mount as well.

Clean Lines: One of the most important aspects of our mounts is that they provide clean lines so that they do not snag on clothes, tree limbs or anything else when you are moving the weapon.
Lights are getting smaller, yet more effective and their shotgun mounts are designed to accommodate the new technology by becoming more compact, lightweight and stronger to handle the rigors of mounting and remounting lights and other equipment.

Customer service is a big part of what makes them successful. The fine reputation for providing high quality products and fast, efficient service has been built up over the years. However, the staff understands that their reputation is only as good as the last customer they serve. From law enforcement to the military to your home, CDM Gear provides the best mounting platform for mounting attachments in a simple, less complicated manner.