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Burris Fullfield TAC30

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The bright middle dot and huge, vivid circle enables immediate engagement of target at close ranges. Trajectory compensation is presented by holdover dots of 600 yards.

Enlargement of 1x enables close-in with open shooting of two eyes. Widening of 4x enables meeting of targets of mid-distance. The extra-vivid lighted up reticles consist of a dimmer of 10-position you can alter for each lighting situation.

Wonderful optical glass has multiple coats for optimal reduced light as well as glare-proof output. It is completely well-matched with present technology of night-vision.  For even huger flexibility, the 1x-4x is present in a combo with the famous FastFire III red dot sight as well as mount 30 mm AR-P.E.P.R. The Riflescope Series of Fullfield TAC30 has Burris ForeverTM.

Shared Features

  • The Ballistic CQTM reticle which provides quick action was formed for aggressive shooters as well as military operators and law authorities (LINK:/ballistic-cq/reticles).
  • Round center offers extra-quick engagement at open distances.
  • Reticle dots that are smaller offer of 600 yards of trajectory compensation for cartridges of 5.56 as well as 7.62.
  • Switch (digital dimmer) allows you to select from settings of 10 power for your bright reticle.
  • Power enlargement of 1x4x, 1x presents extra-wide view field for open shooting of two eyes; engagement of 600 yds for lets shooter of 4x.
  • Multiple coating of Hi-Lume® which is index-matched assists in reduced-light output and removal of glare, raising your level of success.
  • Bright reticle shortens time to remain on target in whatever situation of lighting and raises precision in case target is dim.
  • Bright reticle is suitable with technology of night-vision.
  • Two interior spring-tension mechanism enable scoping for holding zero via recoil, shock and vibrations.
  • Water resistant.
  • Scope tubes full of nitrogen avoid internal mist even in rain and cold.
  • Accuracy-measured and interior assemblies that are hand-fitted sustain a continuous area of impact despite vibration and shock and withstand magnification range.
  • Long-lasting, devoid of stress, strong single piece tube sustains vibrations and shock of the most bulky calibers also.
  • Burris Forever Warranty provides Guarantee.