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Burris AR Riflescope

Burris AR Riflescope

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Burris AR Riflescope

The AR Riflescopes™ Series has adjustment knobs calibrated for holdover to match an AR’s most commonly fired rounds: the 5.56 mm (.223) and 7.62 mm (.308) rounds.  

Custom tactical knobs for speed and pinpoint accuracy for your exact conditions.

Features & Benefits of the Burris AR Riflescope:

  • Custom Wind Map
    • With C4 technology, you see your target and windage compensating reticle with your right eye. simply refocus to your left eye and you can easily see the WindMap.
  • ARD Included
    • Glint is the enemy of concealment. An Anti-Reflection-Device is the enemy of glint. Stay concealed.
  • Custom Calibrated Knobs
    • The AR Riflescope comes with knobs specifically calibrated for 5.56 and 7.62 mm rounds. Plus, you get one more knob that we will engrave specifically for your conditions.