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Blue Force Gear

Blue Force Gear

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About Blue Force Gear

Since its beginning in 2004, Blue Force Gear has strived for excellence in all they do and exemplifies that excellence in our products and design. Blue Force Gear is devoted to those we serve to deliver an innovative gear with superior quality. Blue Force Gear is not satisfied with making the same thing as everyone else - merely changing the color or style. The design by a code of advancement - if They can't make something better than what is currently available, They don't make it. By continually innovating, their products will always be different. They are proud to have pioneered technological innovations that have revolutionized load carriage and weapon carrying, establishing the world's standard in weapon slings and the world's lightest, MOLLE-compatible load carriage. Of course, Blue Force Gear is not stopping there. They are continually improving their gear lineup and looking for more ways to improve the tactical gear industry and, ultimately, the warriors here at home and worldwide.

Popular Blue Force Gear Products:

  1. Blue Force Gear QD Sling Swivel - Provides a secure QD sling mount point and allows slings to be quickly removed and installed on multiple weapons.
  2. Blue Force Gear HK Hook - Works great for attaching a rifle sling to smaller sling eyelets found on HKs, SCARs, SIGs, or other smaller firearm eyelets.
  3. Blue Force Gear Vickers 221 Sling - Combines battle proven endurance of the Vickers Sling with a swivel and sling socket to create a two-to-one convertible Rifle sling.
  4. Blue Force Gear Uloop - Brings a level of versatility that is unmatched by any other sling hardware.
  5. Blue Force Gear Vickers Padded Sling - The Patent Pending Padded Vickers Sling combines with the tactical sling capability of the Vickers Sling with the added comfort of a padded rear section.
  6. Vickers AK Sling - designed from the ground up to be the perfect sling for the world’s most prolific small arm to match the qualities of the AK.
  7. Blue Force Loop Sling Adapter - 3.25" - Wire Loop attaches a firearm sling to an AK, M4, M16, SIG, SCAR, a buttstock, or an eyelet - it will attach to almost any rifle - even an M240B machine gun.
  8. Blue Force Gear Single Point Sling - A fast, comfortable single point sling that can be used on AKs, HKs, ARs, SCARs, shotguns, and other rifles.

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