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Atlas Bipod

Atlas Bipod

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Atlas Bipod

The usage of bipods by the army, law enforcement, and the civilian shooters had a giant BOOM, within the last couple of years have come to the point that it's currently quite rare to find an owner of a tactical rifle which isn't armed with one of these little helpers. Bipods became so popular that it isn't unusual to see a hunting rifle sporting a lightweight bipod. As with a variety of accessories, the shooter's need is what's going to determine what kind of bipod it should use. In several cases, like shooting contests, the situation prevents you from using something bulky, which means you are going to get something streamlined, and with fast installation.

Irrespective of your needs, I reviewed a high number of bipods to conclude that there is no ideal solution and each bipod made will fail, in one or more situations, either on the weight, support, ease of usage or price. But some stand out over others and are signaled, and this is the case of the Atlas Bipod BT10, which, an American company founded by two Kansans, which brought together the essential capital and then I'll review below.

Atlas Bipod History

They're designed and constructed at B&T Industries L.L.C.the shooting scene with an excellent bipod built of the best materials possible, constructed entirely by the Americans and sold at fair price concept of broadening a different shooting instrument was found during a 1997 Prairie Dog search, where one of theirs.

The idea to construct another shooting tool was found during a 1997 Prairie Dog hunt, where one of their buddies idea: put dirt in a sock searching idea: put dirt in a sock that he'd been sporting. And testing the prototype, the patented Accu Shot monopod was introduced into the shooting marketplace, becoming a few trials and struggles of modeling in a couple of words, the Accu Shot monopod granted great equilibrium, famous and dear, which brought the name of Sandbag of the 21st Century. In a few words, the Accu Shot monopod provided greater stability, support required, and reliability, and at the exact to enhance current products while bringing new products to .

Since then, B&T Ind. Has continued the difficult to enhance current products while bringing new products to the game and their needs. They're known for getting ultra-responsive client support which tries that seeks to satisfy the situation. The Atlas bipod counts with numerous that aims to satisfy the durable, lightweight and dependable equipment utilized by tons of riflemen, law enforcement and civilians around the world. Undoubtedly a firm to preserve quality and fair price in the requirements of its audience by trying the same sentence.


The Atlas BT10 Bipod is constructed of T6061 Aluminium, simply put, an airplane grade material. It mounts directly to any Picatinny rail (1913 design ) utilizing a low profile two screw clamp assembly. This bipod features integrated pan and may not (up to 15° +/- preload. The legs are constructed of stainless steel and are notched for a lock on any of their five peak positions and have a knurled grip region. With completely removable legs,, all you need to to do is press on the pin and replace with almost any one of the other Atlas legs models (not included). And definitely, proudly Made in the United States!


Following unboxing, first thing that could get your attention on this bipod is its unstructured design, that offers precisely what's required, and yes, that is enough. You'll not see springs disrupting the functionality of the bipod and nothing otherwise bulky and pointless. On the reverse side, you'll have a reliable and stable system, that makes it feasible to perform shots quickly and at the varied positions.


The height may be adjusted in 4.7 inches outside to 9 inches, with five preset length configurations, and you have five positions to choose for the legs angle (stowed back, stowed forward, 45 degrees forward or backward, or 90 degrees downward).
The Atlas allows you to get the rifle much lower to the ground compared to the other models, with its legs offer the shortest length at 4.75-inches. Nevertheless, the legs still extend up to 9-inches, that matches the height of most of its competitor’therefore models. For all those who want more height, B&T Industries also offers optional 3″ extensions, which can be phenomenal for desert and snow shooting.


The BT-10 bipod model weighs only 11 oz. That’s about two oz lighter than the Harris model individuals compare with (that didn’t comprise a Picatinny rail mount), and SIX ounce lighter than the GG&G bipod. Whenever you consider that your rifle is already inherently heavy due to utilizing a profile weight on additional components is essential. The Atlas Bipod is by far the lightest of the “rdquo & heavy-duty; bipods category.Action system

As I mentioned previously, the Atlas BT10 bipod doesn't offer you a spring action system, in simples phrases, the legs don’t spring and outward whenever you need to modify their length or position. Instead, you merely grasp the leg and then use your thumb to pull down on the adjustment release, then adjust to the length. Yes, this isn’t fast as a spring-loaded system, like that found on Harris bipods, nevertheless, with a bit of practice you eventually get used to it and would be able to adjust the legs in and out. The fantastic part about it kind of action system is that it's less chance of failure.

With the adjustments possibilities mentioned previously, the Atlas BT10 also offers +/- 15 levels of both preload cannot and pan, with a adjustment knob to toggle the quantity of tension. When this permits you to pan across your landscape for acquiring targets, without needing to move the whole rifle, a few more levels of movement will be better.


The BT-10 comes along with quality rubber legs, which are soft and offer a firm grip on several surfaces but are quite durable. B&T also supplies skiing and multi-spiked legs for more demanding terrain, which can be easily phased out. You can use the rubber legs in various environments, from snow-covered fields to start desert. But don't hesitate to look at these legs options. By the way, the legs appears to be quite as fantastic as the skiing legs.


The assembly procedure is intuitive. The same holds for the accessories. All of straightforward and easy.


As you may know, there are several other variations of the BT10 model, the most typical of which I’ll placed below. I advise that you check the model variations to understand their improvements. Nevertheless, I continue with the exact same opinion: BT10 is the smartest choice nowadays with respect to cost-effectiveness.



The distinction between inferior quality and premium Rifle Bipod is undeniable. At MSP, we only offer Bipods from the most trusted brands like Harris Bipod, Atlas Bipod and Magpul Bipod. Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell.

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