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Atlas Bipod | ON SALE

Atlas Bipod | ON SALE

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Choosing a Atlas Bipod

The usage of bipods by the army, law enforcement, and the civilian shooters had a giant BOOM, within the last couple of years have come to the point that it's currently quite rare to find an owner of a tactical rifle which isn't armed with one of these little helpers. Bipods became so popular that it isn't unusual to see a hunting rifle sporting a lightweight bipod. As with a variety of accessories, the shooter's need is what's going to determine what kind of bipod it should use. In several cases, like shooting contests, the situation prevents you from using something bulky, which means you are going to get something streamlined, and with fast installation.

Irrespective of your needs, I reviewed a high number of bipods to conclude that there is no ideal solution and each bipod made will fail, in one or more situations, either on the weight, support, ease of usage or price. But some stand out over others and are signaled, and this is the case of the Atlas BT10 Bipod, which, an American company founded by two Kansans, which brought together the essential capital and then I'll review below.

Atlas Bipod History

They're designed and constructed at B&T Industries L.L.C.the shooting scene with an excellent bipod built of the best materials possible, constructed entirely by the Americans and sold at fair price concept of broadening a different shooting instrument was found during a 1997 Prairie Dog search, where one of theirs.

The idea to construct another shooting tool was found during a 1997 Prairie Dog hunt, where one of their buddies idea: put dirt in a sock searching idea: put dirt in a sock that he'd been sporting. And testing the prototype, the patented Accu Shot monopod was introduced into the shooting marketplace, becoming a few trials and struggles of modeling in a couple of words, the Accu Shot monopod granted great equilibrium, famous and dear, which brought the name of Sandbag of the 21st Century. In a few words, the Accu Shot monopod provided greater stability, support required, and reliability, and at the exact to enhance current products while bringing new products to .

Popular Atlas Bipod Products:

  1. Atlas BT15 - 3.35" 1913 Rail will accommodate hole patterns with a center to center spacing of 1.76 – 2.78"
  2. BT46-LW17 - PSR Bipod Standard 4.75 - 9.0" height with ADM 170-S Lever
  3. Atlas BT10-LW17 - 4.75 - 9.0" Bipod with ADM 170-S Lever.
  4. Atlas BT10 - 4.75 - 9.0" Bipod with a two screw clamp assembly
  5. BT47-LW17 PRS Atlas Bipod - 7" – 13” Bipod with ADM 170-S Lever.
  6. BT10-NC v8 Bipod- 4.75 - 9.0" Bipod with no "No Clamp"
  7. Atlas Bipod Spiked Feet - Deliver a singularly aggressive foot to support the bipod
  8. Atlas Cleat Feet- fully articulated aggressive foot to support the bipod.

What people are saying about the Atlas Bipod:

Best Bipod on the market

This Rifle Bipod is worth every penny. Used Harris bipods my whole life, which is still good, but this Bipod at three times the price takes the cake. You won't be disappointed. Bipod is extremely well machined and solid. All axis moves freely, and the adjustment knob tightens it up when you don't want it to move. Would buy more of these, but it attaches and unattached so quickly with the throw lever that in seconds it can be attached to another rifle.

Atlas BT10-LW17

This Bipod is very well built. Very sturdy and adjustable. Don't let the price scare you away! Worth every penny !! The height is perfect with a mid-sized monopod. I used this on my Ruger Precision rifle. I would repurchase it if I needed another. Get your Atlas Bipod for Sale at MSP, you will not regret it.


I will never repurchase a cheap bipod. The difference is night and day. This is a rock-solid bipod. Fit and finish are superb; the QD mount is incredibly stable. All adjustments work flawlessly. I would recommend this product.


My Harris Bipod just broke a leg. This set up the situation were looking at all my options were on the table again. I'd looked at the Atlas bipod years ago but shied away because of the high price. Now... Same situation as before. But this time, I can afford to trade up, and so I took the plunge. And I'm happy I did. This Bi-Pod is husky in EVERY way. There is no way a buyer will ever have a regret going to this level of quality. I bought four sets of leg extensions and talon feet. I would highly recommend this product to other sportsmen.

Atlas PSR bipod

Atlas bipods are well made; this one model has the non-rotating legs so that you can "load" this Bipod on smooth surfaces like the benches at shooting ranges. The price is a little shocking, but when you compare it to the cheaper Chinese knock offs, you can see and feel the difference. The knock offs don't have as thick a locking mechanism for the leg positions, so you might break them when loading the gun into barricades. It hurt to pay as much as I did, but I'm glad that I bought it.

Worth Every Penny

This Atlas bt10-lw17 Bipod is worth every dime!! Buy once, cry once! It may be more costly, but this Bipod is straightforward to use, easy to get in a comfortable position, and is lightweight. With the quick-release lever, you can easily take off and place on another rifle. The height adjustment is fantastic and easy to use, as well. It may be more a costly bipod based upon what is in the market, but trust me when I say, find the $$ and purchase this Bipod, you will not have any regrets when you see how easy this Bipod is to use.

It's not a Harris Bipod

Have had several Harris bipods over the years, and they plain work. I decided to build a nice 6.5 bench gun with higher-end parts and went for the Atlas on this build. I have only had it to the range once, but I am impressed with this Bipod so far. No rattling or lose parts, adjustments are rock solid with a very positive feel. Quick detach is great, mounting and removing is a snap. Is it worth the higher price over a Harris? It depends on what your needs are. If you want a basic bipod that works, grab a Harris. If you want the nicest Bipod, you can get with very well thought out design and implementation; Atlas Bipod is at the top of the food chain. No regrets cor me so far.

Simply the best rifle bipod!

This is my 2nd Atlas BT10 Bipod for a reason; it's only the best! I have used Harris bipods in the past, and their only advantage is quick deployment, whereas the Atlas bipod is easily deployed one leg at a time. The Atlas BT10 is more stable with easily adjustable legs for both height and forward/back positions, which is a huge advantage. The legs don't swivel, so once in place, the Bipod is stable and doesn't dance around. Cant and swivel movements are easily tensioned adjustable. Yes, it is pricey, but it will be the last Bipod you will ever need!

Best Bipod I have ever owned.

I kept talking myself out of buying the atlas bipod, but finally pulled the trigger and was well worth it. This thing pans left and right along with it swivels left and right for uneven ground. There is one knob that easily adjusts tension on both movements. Plus, you can position legs forward, straight, or backward. It is sturdier than Harris style bipods. With the Picatinny rail quick release, it is easy to switch between multiple guns. The only con is the price. That's it.

Only the best

This was my first bipod purchase ever. I had been shopping the market for one, and the Atlas was one of the possibilities. Well, I went to the range with a friend, and his brother came as well with a psr that had this atlas bipod on it. Well, after actually using it on the rifle, sold me instantly on it. This thing is top quality all the way around. It's light but durable as anything. I love all the adjustments on the legs. If you are reading this, buy it. It's adorable. Mine went on a brand new ar10 build with an 18 inch as a barrel. The rifle is dense, so I wanted a light but strong Bipod. Well, Atlas fit the bill. Very nice product.



The distinction between inferior quality and premium Rifle Bipod is undeniable.

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At MSP, we only offer Bipods from the most trusted brands like Harris Bipod, Atlas Bipod and Magpul Bipod. Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell.

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