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Atlas Bipod

Atlas Bipod

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In certain dangerous situations, you know that you have to change the combat position fast to be on top of the enemy. This usually means changing from CQB to prone as quickly as possible, without getting entangled in your equipment or losing any of your aim and alertness. One of the essential tools needed to achieve that is the bipod, that incredible little weapon stabilizing accessory. One of the best bipod manufacturers indeed is Atlas, creating only the best when it comes to practical and robust weapon accessories.

Atlas bipods are made of sturdy materials, and they attach to your weapon easily, either on the QD latch or on a special attachment that can be ordered. The Atlas bipods fold forwards when you don’t need them and are quickly returned into place as soon as you have to change from CQB to prone or sitting position. Not only that, but Atlas bipods also offer you the choice of how long you want them to be while you order them. Choosing the correct bipod for you is now made easy with the help of Atlas bipods because we care that you have the best of the best!