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Atlas PSR Bipod

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What people are saying about these Atlas PSR Bipods:

Well made bi-pod.

Quality is remembered, long after the price is forgotten. If you want a sturdy, easy-to-install and detach bi-pod this is it. There isn't any cheesy parts here. I mounted the Atlas PSR Bipod to my M1A. My bi-pod mounts to a Sadlak picatinny rail. Sadlak is the best manufacture of M1A scope and Picatinny rail mounts for the M1A because of the way they spread the load out on the stock where the front sling swivel mounts.


Rock solid bi-pod

I've used this Atlas PSR Bipod on my 300 WM for a year now and love it. I've quit taking the adjustable bench rest to the range as I find I can do as well with the bi-pod and good rear bag. Glad I went with top quality bi-pod and only bought one that I can easily switch to other platforms.


Worth every penny

My first impression was "hmmm... Seems kind of simple to warrant the price..." 5 shots later.. "Wow, where have you been all my life". This Atlas PSR Bipod makes such a huge difference being able to get on target and level. I went with the taller of the two, the 45 degree positions bring it down as low as I'll ever need, and I like the available height with the longer legs. Perfect addition to my 110ba .300 win mag, easy to install with the picatinny rail attachment from the same company. Unscrew the front arm rest, and it drops in on the bottom rail. Some guys took off the bottom sling attachment drilled and mounted it that way in order to get it as far forward as possible. I actually prefer it a couple inches back, it makes shooting from shorter benches easier, as the feet aren't right on the edge. I might even move it back a little more.


Worth every penny!

I installed the Atlas Bipod on my new Ruger Precision after reading reviews of other models. Watching all kinds of you tube videos on long range shooting and about the Ruger model I noticed this bipod was on a lot of those shooters rifles. So after all of my research I broke down and paid the big money for it. Worth every penny. Well built, rugged, versatile, and user-friendly. Love it. I use it on the range as well as hunting. Does very good on uneven terrain while hunting on a ridge scoping those open areas for game.


Rock Solid platform

Been using this BiPod for about 6 months... Works great! Very stable and easy to operate. I also have Harris BiPods and I think that if one needs the extra positioning ability that the Atlas provides it is the BEST solution out there!


Really not much more to say...

I'm just going to parrot pretty much what everyone else has said. This bipod is the best one to have. Rigid, durable, positive operation with gloves. The earlier versions of the Atlas allow the legs to rotate. Not a big deal if you're in the dirt or on a mat where you can put pressure on the rifle. On a bench is a different story. I do most of my shooting prone so this isn't a huge deal.


You will use no other Bipod ever again

I have had Harris BiPods in the past, and they are good pieces of equipment. I have read reviews on the Atlas BiPods and a lot of people said the same thing. A lot more money but once they got it they knew they had the right unit. You think it is funny, yet here I am and I am saying, I WILL NEVER BUY ANY OTHER BIPOD OTHER THAN ATLAS ever again. Once I held it in my hand I could immediately feel the craftsmanship and quality. Just the other night I was looking at various magazines and I began to notice that the higher end rifles had an Atlas BiPod in the image showcasing the new gun build. You will not be disappointed.

This is the BEST Bipod on the market!

It doesn't get any better than this. I was shocked at the price, but after a friend showed me the one that he bought, I had to have one of my own. This bipod is very well made and very sturdy. I use it on my Remington 700 5R (.308) and my LMT AR-15. Having a quality bipod does make a difference at the range.


It truly is a high quality Rifle Bipod

All the reviews are accurate. The Atlas PSR Bipod price is high but this is one of those product that is worth just saving your penny's to buy it instead of settling to buy the next best alternative. I have since mounted Blackhawk pica-tinny sling stud adapters to all my hunting rifles and move the bipod back and forth quickly to my AR's which has made the atlas bipod high cost a mute point.

Best Rifle Bipod on the market.

After using the venerable Harris S models for many years, I now have two of the Atlas. IMO they are the best bi-pod on the market. My older, not-push-button model, has seen considerable use over about three years. Both on ARs and a SCAR-17. Uses include bench, prone and folded (full forward or full back) for a more stable platform over barricades ports, etc. I actually like the design of the older model a little better - it's faster to deploy or reverse one handed than the V8 push button version.


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