Magpul MS1 MS3-QD Sling Adapter

Magpul MS1 MS3-QD Sling Adapter
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The Glitch free, Light and Durable Magpul MS1 MS3-QD Adapter

To arrive at two to one point convertibility, the Magpul MS1 MS3 Single point QD Adapter can be coalesced with the MS1 Sling and Paraclip. This product of Magpul Industries is built from a Manganese Phosphate buffed Steel and is also reinforced with strong polymer hardware. It incorporates a robust and long-lasting 1 to ¼” webbing that is glitch free.

The MS1 MS3 Single point hard wearing adapter makes for rapid and speedy changeovers between single and two point configurations by blending it with MS1 Sling (MAG 513) and Paraclip (MAG 541) while simultaneously enhancing quick release capabilities during times of emergency. The product is manufactured completely in the United States.

Characteristics and Dimensions – Highlights

  • The Magpul MS1 MS3 Single point QD Adapter serves to provide rapid transition capabilities between single and two point configurations when it is combined with the MS1 Sling (MAG 513) along with the added Paraclip (MAG 541).
  • The Paraclip is discretionary and its shackle enables the users to make quick changeovers and offers valuable rapid release potential to the weapon which is quite useful in times of emergency.
  • It has a hard wearing and tough Manganese Phosphate finish, QD Sling Swivel for a single point attachment, which operates on a push button mechanism.
  • The hardware is less in bulk and is built with toughened Steel and a highly durable polymer.
  • The Cross-Bolt Lock Bar within the Paraclip provides the operator with the opportunity to lock and close its lever to make way for added safety.
  • The Steel Paraclip lever is hard-edged and buffed with Melonite to ensure great resistance to wear and deterioration.
  • The Webbing material is constructed with tough Nylon that gives it a great resistance capability against corrosion and scuffing. It is also built to be anti-chafe for enhanced user comfort.
  • The webbing comes in different colours and is also Near Infrared Resistant.
  • The Front Sling Mounting, when utilizing the Paraclip, is flexible to operate with the Magpul RSA, MSA and Forward Sling Mounts. It also works quite well with other snap hook style sling loops ( minimum internal diameter requirement of 3/8”. 9/16” and over provides for complete range of motion of the Paraclip) and QD Sling Swivels for employing in a two point approach.
  • The Rear Sling Mounting operates with receivers, end plates and buttstocks that include a push button QD socket for a single point attachment.


Black: #MAG-517-BLK
Coyote: #MAG-517-COY
Gray: #MAG-517-GRY
Ranger Green: #MAG-517-RGR


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