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The AK-47 is a powerhouse of a rifle and thus very popular with the veteran and collectors worldwide. Leaving the AK47 in its original factory bought state is like a human without character and clothes. An AK-47 needs its attention to become the perfect weapon for you, and that focus comes in the form of customizing agents like accessories and parts. The most important part to start from when customizing your AK47 is the weapon stock. The stock is what gives most of your gun its shape and what holds it together when it shoots. The recoil produced by each shot is distributed by the stock so that a well-designed stock can prevent your AK 47 from being damaged.

At Mounting Solutions Plus, you will find only the best when it comes to AK47 stocks with a decent collection to choose from. Customizing your stock will make the whole weapon immediately more comfortable for your use as it will fit your height and body-type correctly if you choose correctly. Our stocks are made from the sturdiest materials and are designed to please even the most demanding customer. There is something for you on our lists, so browse and find that perfect AK-47 stock you desire!

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