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Vortex Strike Eagle Riflescopes

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The origin of the Vortex Optics is a typical American "business" story with a happy end. The company is an American owned business that has arisen from family owned small retail outdoor store to one of the leading North American optics manufacturers. This Wisconsin-based manufacturer catalogs so many different optical devices to suit different purposes and different consumers for more than 30 years. Their products list includes riflescopes, red dot sights, binoculars, monocular, spotting optics and rangefinders in various price categories ranging from less expensive ones suitable for the beginner to more expensive high-end scopes for professionals. Along with wildly popular Viper and Diamondback line, Vortex released in 2015 new series of dual concept riflescopes dubbed a Strike Eagle. This low-powered, variable optics offered to military, law enforcement, hunters, and civilians are designed to allow engaging targets that could suddenly appear from anywhere from very close range out to extended distances fast and easy. Unlike high-powered scopes intended for specialized long-range competition market as well as for inexperienced shooters expecting to get better results with bigger magnification, low-powered scopes are perfect for engaging moving targets from point-blank distances out to the much-extended ranges of 500 yards.

A huge selling point is Vortex’s own AR-BDC reticle (BDC-Bullet Drop Compensator) that in 1x works a lot like a red dot at close range enabling the shooter to use it with both eyes open like he would a regular red dot scope. The reticle is laser etched onto the glass and placed between two layers of XR fully multi-coated glass lens for ultimate protection from recoil and potential damage. Most of the leading optic producers replaced the standard wire reticle on riflescopes with a glass-etched reticle to ensure maximum durability and reliability, even under heavy and repeated recoil. The illuminated AR-BDC reticle is made in Second Focal Plane (SFP), the most common design that hunters and shooters are familiar with since that construction ensures the reticle scale maintains the same ideal size of the object. The reticle sports sub-tensions so the user can estimate distance and the wind drift with ease. Illuminated reticle provides reliable target detection in low lighting conditions using a total of eleven power options supplied from a single CR 2032 battery for about 150 hours of maximum intensity performance. A smart addition to that feature is a spare battery compartment positioned under the scope’s windage turret cap.

The Vortex Strike Eagle1-6×24 is a highly versatile optic at an affordable price, being able to offer both the short-range as well as the long-range fast and accurate target acquisition with the crisp picture overall zoom area. One of the main advantages of Vortex scopes is a solid construction that features maximum performance on the field for long-lasting durability. There are known examples of some competitors using the same Vortex riflescope through the 5-year period. For your information, usage of scope within one year in the competition is like 15-year of hunting use. Undoubtedly, Vortex optics gets close to military grade scopes that come with the same specifications but known to cost much more, up to 3-5 times more. In recent years with the rapid growth of wild hogs, even the hunting community is looking for low-powered scopes that can be used on wild boar driven hunting, i.e. close range moving targets. Certainly, this excellent designed optics will make a great addition to any hunter or sharpshooter's armory.