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NcSTAR Overview

Wherever you make enquiries where items for NcSTAR are concerned, clients will inform you that it is among the preferred optics producers available, from the time they began working up to now.
Obviously, top praise originates with long term verification and analyzing.  NcSTAR is formed for majority of the public and it considers you when forming its items, which are uncomplicated, handy and elegant.

The design for NcSTAR is not done in excess, nor are the tools needlessly costly. Therefore, NcSTAR is able to produce items which are cost-friendly; they are totally what you require.
Our items are assessed meticulously to make them best for each person despite the weather, climate conditions and hardship of the process. These products are formulated to be as good as the NcSTAR brand and you are therefore aware that you are purchasing cost-friendly and high quality when you make an order for an NcSTAR item from us.
If you are searching for great quality but want to acquire it at a cost which is easily affordable, one of NcSTAR’s items will definitely offer you pleasure. You really need to test one of them and experience for yourself, practically, the reason a lot of people who possess weapons throughout the globe opt for NcSTAR, which provides a solution that is easy to afford and handy.


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Since the previous 12 years, optics have been produced and supplied by New Century for a number of the top brands in the sector of optics. During that time span, New Century attained the skill and idea of the market for optics.  By 1997, a brand which was new and aggressive ventured into the market, called NcStar ®, the quickest developing optics firm worldwide.
Launched in 1997, the objective of NcSTAR is to continuously offer optics that are cost friendly, superior and whose design is unique, as well as wonderful customer service and powerful dealer associations.

Optics from NcStar are created to standards of top quality maintenance and are formulated to offer contentment forever. For a lot of expert users, armed forces and consumers throughout the globe, varying from wildlife observation to air soft, NcStar optic is the favorite option. Therefore, regardless of whether you are a professional marksman or amateur, NcStar caters for each person.
It is our fervent desire that our attainment is distributed among our dealers and that each person might have the chance to have an outlook of the world which is more positive.

Allow NcStar to Be Your Overall Supplier


  • NcSTAR creates and supplies NcSTAR items to cater to any budget for all dealers.
  • Offers your clients with drop shipment. Allow us to share our warehouse with you!
  • Offers tech support for consumers as well as dealers.
  • O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer); Trade in your personal brand.
  • Provides wonderful customer service with a fast response from our staff which is well conversant.