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Magpul MOE Stock | ON SALE

Magpul MOE Stock | ON SALE

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Choosing a Magpul MOE Stock

The Magpul Original Equipment or MOE is a line of accessories for firearms. They are designed from high-quality materials, offer excellent performance, and are considered by many to be one of the best economical alternatives to weapon parts that are often priced much higher than the Magpul MOE. This particular line has been noted for being a stripped-down, basic approach in terms of what it does. Still, it is built around excellent materials and has the famous Magpul engineering that makes it desirable by so many shooters.

What is the MOE Stock?

The overall design of the Magpul MOE stock is one that is tough, but very light so that the action is fast which fits the streamlined A-frame profile so you can go through rough terrain without worrying about snagging a corner on some brush. In addition, the release latch is shielded so that it is not accidentally activated.

In addition, there is an extra power lock mechanism as well. It uses a chrome-silicon spring in order to prevent collapsing of the Magpul stock from occurring. In addition, the spring maintains its strength thanks to the materials it is made from and by not relaxing inside the stock. This particular model also includes a .55” rubber buttpad that provides comfort and a positive shoulder purchase. It also will accommodate the slanted-back common to most types of commercial spec tubes. This product is also Made in the USA.

Features of the Magpul MOE stock:

  • DEPENDABLE AR STOCK: Mounts on Mil-Spec sized carbine receiver extension tube (not included) from manufacturers such as Colt, LMT, Ruger, S&W, SIG, and others (please see the note below)
  • SECURE FITL Premium chrome-silicon lock spring provides positive locking and long service life
  • THE RIGHT BALANCE OF CHEEK WELD AND COMFORT: Sloping cheek weld combines a slim profile with user comfort, Side mounting slots accept optional cheek risers for NON AR15/M4 applications
  • SET IT AND FORGET IT: Shielded release latch prevents snagging and accidental operation

What people are saying abou the Magpul MOE stock:

The Magpul MOE stock is excellent!

As good as any, or better. It does have some play but for the weight and simplicity and price it's great. I also have some of their other models with the play-eliminating lock, like the also-excellent CTR, but they cost more and you've got an extra step. You can't go wrong either way.


The Magpul MOE is exactly what I wanted..

I simply wanted something a bit more comfortable against my shoulder with t-shirts etc. vs. the checkered factory stock being a bit abrasive. This Magpul MOE stock is GREAT! much more comfortable regardless of attire. Great addition and takes about 8 seconds to install...


The Magpul MOE is a very solid stock

The Magpul MOE is a very solid stock that fit my mil-spec buffer tube perfectly. Very little movement and it looks great. Why spend 4 times as much on a tacticool shaped piece of plastic when this fits tight, looks good, and accomplishes the same task?

- Jim

Oh heck yeah! I just got

Oh heck yeah! I just got this Magpul MOE Stock for my first build and I'm loving it! It's rock solid on my stag lower. Bought the buffer tube kit elsewhere and the tube has position numbers on it but this stock does NOT have the number view hole drilled. Doesn't bother me but would be nice to have that. Just weird seeing a 1 and 2 showing when fully extended. Otherwise beats the orig M4 stock hands down! Way to go, Magpul!


We like the Magpul MOE Stock a lot

We have the Magpul MOE Stocks on all of our AR's, mil-spec and commercial diameter. There is a slight wobble like a stock M-4 buttstock, yes I have cracked one during exercises, haven't cracked a Magpul yet.

- Mr. Wilson


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The distinction between inferior quality and premium AR-15 Stock is undeniable. At MSP, we only offer AR-15 Accessories from the most trusted brands like Magpul . Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell.