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Magpul MIAD Grips

Magpul MIAD Grips

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What people are saying about the Magpul Miad grip

Great for small hands

Bought the Magpul Miad grip because of the adjustable size and no finger ridges. This pistol grip fits small hands better than any other pistol grips. Excellent that Magpul has this product available.

I would repurchase it.

I use this Grip on my AR. I like that you can adjust the Grip for bigger hands. The storage area is a plus.

What you would expect from Magpul

The Magpul Miad grip is comfortable, durable, and affordable; the adjustable back straps make a big difference, especially if your not average size; I've had to try a few different grips on other projects before I found comfortable one, this was quick and easy!

Pretty Darn Great AR Grip

CONS: I was expecting this AR-15 Grip to be made a grippy, rubber over-molded material similar to the MOE+ Grip, but it's just a hard polymer. I wouldn't call it a significant issue that intensely detracts from the usability of the Grip, just personal preference. PROS: This Grip features a unique interchangeable design that allows the user to cater to his/her specific grip size. For users with loner fingers like me, it provides a more comfortable, positive link-up between the body and rifle, offering superior trigger manipulation than, say, a standard AR grip. Also, it has the same excellent quality and strength as most other Magpul products. I thought the interchangeable back-/ front straps might be a weak point, but they lock in very positively with no rattle, and, thus far, I have not had anything work lose unexpectedly. The oil bottle contained within the Grip is a nice add-on as well. In short, I would say this Grip is an excellent option for people with larger hands, but, due to its modularity, it is equally appropriate for those with smaller hands or stubby fingers. I'll be purchasing more of these for future builds.

Great AR Grip

I liked this Magpul Miad grip, mainly the versatility of it. I didn't even realize how much just changing the size for cold weather shooting (gloves) would make in patterns. I am not the most experienced with grips on ar. I've only used maybe 6 or 7 different ones, but this is, by far, my favorite.

Great AR-15 Grip

I have this product on three AR15s in various colors, with one being the first design on this product. For me, it moves my extra-large hand back just far enough for proper trigger finger control with the thickest back strap.

Suitable replacement for the standard Grip

I have large hands and wanted to place the trigger on the first pad of my finger like my other firearms. The standard AR grip almost puts the second pad of your trigger finger on the trigger. Magpul has done an excellent job with this Grip. I would even like a third insert larger than the largest one sold now. I haven't had a problem with the latch for the oil bottle, but I have only shot with the Grip a few times, so the jury is still out on that. But the Grip does feel good, and give you a perfect way to adjust to your hand size, and desired hand position