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Magpul AR-15 Grips


Magpul AR-15 Grips

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About Magpul AR Grip

Are you looking for the best grip for your AR-15 or AR-10 rifle? Look no further than the Magpul AR Grip. This grip is designed to provide a secure and comfortable hold on your firearm, allowing for more accurate and controlled shooting.

The Magpul AR Grip is made from high-quality materials and is designed to withstand the rigors of regular use. It features a textured surface that provides a sure grip, even in wet or sweaty conditions. The grip also has an ergonomic design that fits the natural shape of your hand, reducing fatigue and improving your overall shooting experience.

In addition to the standard AR grip, Magpul also offers a pistol grip option for AR-style firearms. The Magpul Pistol Grip is designed to provide the same level of comfort and control as the standard AR grip, but in a compact, easy-to-use design. This grip is ideal for shooters who prefer a more compact setup or for use on a pistol-caliber carbine.

When it comes to choosing the best grip for your AR-style firearm, the Magpul AR Grip and Pistol Grip are hard to beat. These grips are durable, comfortable, and provide a secure hold on your firearm, allowing for improved accuracy and control. Whether you're a professional shooter or a weekend warrior, the Magpul AR Grip and Pistol Grip are a great choice.

What customers are saying about the Magpul AR-15 Grip

Fantastic ar-15 grip

Fantastic ar-15 grip from MOE! I purchased this in combination with MOE's handguards and collapsible stock, all in 'flat dark earth.' The grip feels and functions great. The installation is very quick and easy. PLEASE NOTE four points I observed during my installation on a BFI XM-15 'Patrolman' Carbine for right-handed firing: 1.)After loosening and removing the grip screw on the old grip, position and secure the rifle on its right side on a workbench or table. Be VERY CAREFUL and SLOWLY remove the old grip from the receiver because the safety spring and detent can easily be lost if you do it quickly and carelessly. The safety detent spring extends from its position in the lower receiver up into its off-set position in the pistol grip. Ensure you removed and safely recovered the spring and detent immediately after slowly removing the old grip from the lower receiver. The detent may require lightly tapping the lower receiver to cause it to fall free from the receiver. If the safety spring and detent are lost or damaged during the removal/installation of the grips, this will result in a FAILED function check conducted immediately after reassembly - neither the safety or trigger will function properly. Reinstall the detent first with a rounded end toward the top of the lower receiver, then reinsert the spring. 2.)When installing the AR 15 MOE grip onto the lower receiver grip lug, you will encounter a tight fit by design. No modification is necessary. Just slowly but firmly work the grip side-to-side onto the aluminum grip lug. Ensure the safety spring goes into its recess/hole properly in the grip. If the spring becomes damaged in any way during installation of the new grip, it will render the safety and trigger NON-Functional. 3.)Echoing what so many others have already noted in their reviews - KEEP AND REUSE your original grip screw. After reading so many other reviews concerning the MOE grip screw, I didn't even try it. Just reused the original grip screw. 4.)The cover for the recessed storage in the bottom of MOE grip comes in black, which I just painted to reasonably match the MOE 'dark earth' of the grip itself. This is a great grip from Magpul! Buy one and start enjoying the difference so many have already discovered!

- Matt

Magpul pistol grip

This is the AR-15 grip I use on my "work" rifles for the simple fact I think they are the best. They fill the hand well and give a firm sense of control for a rifle you use. The ONLY exception is my SPR rifles, which I outfitted with a softer, finger grooved grip.I've only had one person, not like this grip for a working gun, and they wanted the softer grip. I like this one and heartily endorse Magpul for serious use. Almost indestructible and provides spare bolt storage!

- Jager

Magpul moe+ grip is great for big hands

Simple comfortable and tons of grip. Bought this AR Grip on a whim and have bought more since. Fits a large-handed person great. I hate factory a2 size is way too small for the ole meat hooks! Compared to the miad and this performed much better with sweat, grease, oil, etc. on hands while shooting. It seemed to be the same size as the miad with the large backstrap installed.


The Magpul MOE+ grip is the best AR Grip!

The stock handgrip on my AR was uncomfortable, and the lump on the front of it was placed wrong for my hand. I read the reviews of this grip & decided to try it. What an improvement! The Magpul moe+ grip is comfortable, wider, and positions my hand and trigger finger properly. After installation (I removed the thread locker on the MagPul supplied screw and used blue Loctite) and testing, I ordered one for my LR 308 that has a Hogue grip. The Magpul MOE + grip is the best AR Grip!

- Roger

What a contrast it made

I wanted a new for my DPMS AR-15 and went with the Magpul MIAD Grip. What a contrast it made it is more firm and was very easy to install it came with a tiny bottle to put oil in, and it was in the cover that's below the pistol grip. What can I say about MSP those guys are super great, and I recommend them also their shipping is outstanding I placed my order on Tuesday and had my order on Friday here in Virginia you can't beat that. I plan to order from them again.

- Lucas

This magpul pistol grip, less is more

There is nothing fancy at all about this Magpul moe k grip, and that is the best thing about it. For me, when it comes to grips, less is more, and this grip is perfect in that way. It's very light and has a beautiful texture that's easily gripped even if your hands are a little sweaty. It's very slim, with no frills, no cover on the bottom, which helps with weight savings. This grip has a more vertical angle compared to standard grips angles or other grips in the Magpul line. It's very aesthetically pleasing to me as well. This is what I use and will continue to use on all of my AR's.

- Jay

k2+ Magpul is a Awesome grip

I've been a big ergo grip fan. I decided to try one of the new angle grips, and this Magpul K2+ grip feels much more natural. I love the texture on the hold, and the cut out on the back forces your hand up high, where it should be for better stability. I have found the AR-15 grip that I will use on all of my ar's. This is currently one of my favorite AR-15 Accessories.

- Hayden

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Alt Description

  • Magpul AR15 grip
  • Magpul AR-15 grip
  • Magpul AR grip
  • Magpul Pistol grip