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Glock 23 Slide Lock

Glock 23 Slide Lock

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If you own a Glock 23 handgun, you know that maintaining and replacing worn or damaged parts is crucial to ensuring the reliable function of your firearm. One important component that may need to be replaced over time is the slide lock.

The slide lock is a small lever located on the side of the Glock 23 that holds the slide in place when the firearm is not in use. This lock is an essential component that helps to keep the firearm safe and secure, and it must be in good working condition to ensure proper function.

At Mounts Plus, we offer a wide selection of Glock 23 slide locks to suit your needs. Whether you're looking to replace a worn or damaged slide lock or simply want to upgrade to a higher-performance version, we have the products you need.

In addition to slide locks, we also offer a range of other Glock 23 parts and accessories, including barrels, triggers, and other components. No matter what your needs, we have the products you need to customize and maintain your Glock 23.

Shop our selection of Glock 23 slide locks and other parts and accessories today and find the perfect products for your firearm.


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