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Ghost Inc.

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Ghost Inc., home for the best self-defense trigger connectors and accessories for your Glock pistol. Founded and made in the USA since 2000. Everything Ghost Inc. manufacture comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty and guarantee. Ghost Inc. will exchange or repair any Ghost produced part despite fault or reason for life! Thank you for the chance to earn and keep your trust.


Popular Ghost Inc. Triggers

  1. Ghost Edge Connector - The Edge 3.5 is the best self-defense drop-in glock connector made and by changing a few springs you can also have the best sports trigger connector!
  2. Ghost Rocket Connector - The Rocket will eliminate the over-travel that causes your Glock to drift to the right or left. It keep the wall of resistance so you still will have a stack but it lessens the wall of friction.
  3. Ghost Ultimate 3.5 Connector - The GHOST ULTIMATE is the one trigger connector made for GLOCKSĀ® that makes your semi-automatic GLOCK pistol more reliable.
  4. Ghost Angel Connector - Smoothest and lightest Self-Defense Drop-in trigger connector ever! This is the world's only connector with Anti Flinch Engineering = smooth no load trigger pull.
  5. Ghost EVO Elite - has the lightest setting trigger press due to smoothness and free step 3.5lb design.

Other Popular Ghost Inc. Products

  1. Ghost Extended Mag Release - The Ghost Inc. X MAG -Extended Magazine Release, is designed so that you can drop a magazine without changing your firing grip and so you do not have to modify your Glock's frame.
  2. Ghost MOAB - Adds 6 Rounds to 9mm and 5 rounds to .40acp 7 .357 Glock's Magazines!
  3. Ghost Slide Release - The BULLET FORWARD SLIDE RELEASE (BFSR) is designed for aggressive manipulations (read gross motor execution) for positive slide releases and slide stopping power under the most adverse conditions

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