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Ghost MOAB

Ghost MOAB

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Patent pending Ghost MOAB (Mother Of All Baseplates) have a curved design that ensures proper seating of your magazine without hurting your hands! Use of OEM base pad can destroy your day! It is undersized, has no gripping surfaces and can be flat! Extraction becomes difficult in case your magazine fail to shed free. The Ghost MOAB's are flared, with finger grooves supplying nonslip scallops for finger purchase. Stubborn or jammed blanks are easily extracted. Ghost Inc also added two debris evacuation ports. Fact: whenever you fall magazines, debris passes. Ghost have designed the vents to evacuate debris, including dirt, water along with other matter.

Also, one of the debris removal ports may also serve as a via point for a lanyard or pull tab. Attractive dimpled attributes on the bottom provide choices for labeling your magazines.