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Ghost Trigger

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Ghost Inc: The Ultimate Ghost Trigger Experience

Welcome to Ghost Inc, the definitive name in Glock enhancement. We specialize in crafting the finest self-defense trigger connectors and accessories for your Glock pistol. With our roots firmly planted in the USA since 2000, we pride ourselves on delivering unmatched quality, backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty. Your trust is our commitment.

Understanding the Ghost Trigger Mechanism

Our Ghost Trigger Control Connectors, including the EVO ELITE, PRO 3.3, ROCKET 3.5, TACTICAL 5.0, and the PRO for 42/43, are equipped with the patented Trigger Control Tab (TCT). This unique feature:

  • Shortens Trigger Duration: The TCT ensures a faster trigger pull by reducing the overall duration and eliminating over-travel, which can affect accuracy.
  • Customizable Pull Weight: Choose between a 3.5-pound or 5.0-pound trigger pull weight, both designed for optimal self-defense.
  • Self-Cleaning Design: Our connectors are the only ones in the market with the Patent Pending Debris Channel. This self-cleaning mechanism ensures that your Glock remains operational even in the most challenging conditions by preventing debris buildup.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Our connectors are made from stainless steel, ensuring durability and reliability.

Ghost Trigger


Why Ghost Triggers Stand Out:

  1. Patented TCT: Offers a shorter, faster, and lighter trigger pull.
  2. Over-Travel Elimination: Ensures accurate shots by removing over-travel.
  3. Debris Channel: Our unique design ensures your Glock remains operational even in debris-filled environments.
  4. Factory Polished: Ensures smooth operation for an enhanced shooting experience.
  5. Lifetime Guarantee: We stand by our products, offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Spotlight on Ghost Triggers:

  • Ghost Edge Connector - The Edge 3.5 is the best self-defense drop-in glock connector made and by changing a few springs you can also have the best sports trigger connector!
  • Ghost Rocket Connector - The Rocket will eliminate the over-travel that causes your Glock to drift to the right or left. It keep the wall of resistance so you still will have a stack but it lessens the wall of friction.
  • Ghost Ultimate 3.5 Connector - The GHOST ULTIMATE is the one trigger connector made for GLOCKSĀ® that makes your semi-automatic GLOCK pistol more reliable.
  • Ghost Angel Connector - Smoothest and lightest Self-Defense Drop-in trigger connector ever! This is the world's only connector with Anti Flinch Engineering = smooth no load trigger pull.
  • Ghost EVO Elite - has the lightest setting trigger press due to smoothness and free step 3.5lb design.

Elevate Your Glock with Ghost Inc

Dive into the world of Ghost Inc and discover the pinnacle of Glock performance. Whether you're a professional shooter or a Glock enthusiast, our Ghost Triggers promise precision, reliability, and an unparalleled shooting experience. Choose Ghost Inc, and redefine your Glock's potential.