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How Ghost Gun Trigger Control Connectors Work
The TACTICAL 5.0 or ROCKET 3.5 are known as the Ghost Trigger Control Connectors and they come with the Trigger Control Tab (TCT). The TCT gives you a shorter trigger pull that is quicker and keeps your shots on target. The ROCKET 3.5 or TACTICAL 5.0 are the only gun trigger components you need to purchase. You determine your trigger pull weight yourself, either 3.5 pounds or 5.0 pounds, each is acceptable and authorized for self defense.
The ROCKET KIT is certainly the favorite Trigger Control Connector setup for sport shots. There are not any screws to become lose and as a result jam your firearm. You would not have to purchase a gun trigger casing as well as a 3.5 pound or 5.0 pounds connector to get a great custom gun trigger pull, only a ROCKET 3.5 or TACTICAL 5.0. Why is self cleaning significant? It’s because debris gathers at the trigger mechanism surface as you fire your firearm. Added friction is caused by these debris. This friction raises the weight of the gun trigger pull thereby increasing the force to the connector. ┬áThe connector is shoved to the back of the trigger casing at the point that the firearm is not going to fire, as the trigger pull weight increases. The channels additionally brings down the thickness of the connector body by 33%. This reduction in thickness raises the reset speed and due to the fact that these channels are on the center-line of the body of the connector, they don’t cause connector torsioning. The holes remove debris that choke the trigger from the mechanism of the trigger and as a result your Glock will continue shooting no matter what.
Among all the Trigger Control Connectors, a Ghost Trigger Connector is the only that offers you the choice of cleaning it yourself. and they likewise make your Glock more dependable. Each of our Trigger Connector is well polished in the factory. This polishing gets rid of surface imperfections on the steel, which ensures a consistent smooth trigger pull each time.
Here is what you get with Ghost:

  • Patented TCT for a lighter and faster trigger pull
  • Patented Pending Debris Channel that makes your Glock to keep running no matter what the situation.
  • Factory-polished
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • TCT eliminates over travel