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As far as uniqueness is concerned, the most ideal is lightweight flashlight mount created for rifles and shotguns. Not many can keep up with the superiority of Elzetta Tactical Lighting.

We highlight forming new, unique designs which operate in surroundings that are incredibly hostile; however, their costs are competitive with the same manufacturers, and this has generated a good standing in the sector.

But, our aim is not only to create the most tactical lighting mounts but to also make sure that they consider their clients when creating our items. Customer service surpasses providing responses to your queries and catering to your orders. This is why we endeavor to create the ideal flashlight mounts for your requirements.

What Does Elzetta Tactical Lighting Entail?

Previously in 2007, a couple of mechanical engineers decided to work jointly in forming the ideal tactical lighting systems. They named their new firm ‘Elzetta’ in respect of a deceased grandmother. They began by building and then manufacturing flashlight mounts for shotguns and rifles that are among the most ideal; they are very long lasting also.

Due to their unique designs, Elzetta fast developed their energies to form modular flashlights that are new and innovative, for surroundings of high pressure concerning tactical functions.

The durable, rough designs have high resistance to unfavorable conditions which subjected the items to the climate, together with intense heat and cold also. Elzetta items are very long lasting and immune to altering conditions due to the sturdy acrylic optical lenses that are not just reflectors, which are utilized by some other manufacturers and the electronics which are entirely potted.

This new integration facilitates Elzetta Modular Flashlights to be the most reliable flashlights globally. Our innovative designs are founded on the concept that they are going to operate to their ultimate for your requirements continuously.

Features which can be Tailored

At Elzetta, clients can select the precise features they require for their Modular Flashlights. This is inclusive of a custom-made laser engraving if needed. Due to each of the components being interoperable and interchangeable, they can be integrated and matched to cater to the requirements of the client.

Also, each of the parts is available on a personalized basis also; this signifies that it is simple for you to adjust, enhance or alter the Elzetta Modular Flashlight in your possession, without the need to buy a components package or new product which is unique.

The principle we have at Elzetta is that the client takes precedence; this is the reason we make each of our components with a modular which is natural to enable enhancements and add-ons to be carried out by you. In this way, we make it possible for you to save time, money and energy from attaining an item which is entirely new when you require a singular module.

Elzetta’s Guarantee to You

Elzetta’s ‘Golden Regulation’ principle motivates Elzetta. They create flashlights for other people in a manner which you would have flashlights built by others for you.

This is the kind of mentality which has enabled us to develop like them in the previous few years. They give your requirements priority regarding designing items of superior quality, particularly for the ones who risk their lives. Each of our items is manufactured in the USA, by making use of labor, materials, and tools in America. They trust in creating at home and offering the most ideal for our clients.