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AR15 Fixed Stock / AR Fixed Stock

AR15 Fixed Stock / AR Fixed Stock

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Welcome to MSP: Mounting Solutions Plus and our selection of AR15 fixed stocks! Our AR15 fixed stocks are the perfect upgrade for your rifle, providing a sturdy and comfortable shooting platform for improved accuracy and precision.

Our AR15 fixed stocks are made from high-quality materials and feature innovative designs, ensuring that they can withstand even the toughest conditions. Whether you're at the range, on the hunt, or on patrol, our fixed stocks will help you shoot with confidence and comfort.

At Mounts Plus, we offer a wide range of AR15 fixed stocks to choose from. From basic buttstocks to adjustable and customizable options, we have a fixed stock to suit every need. Plus, all of our fixed stocks are easy to install and require no gunsmithing, so you can upgrade your rifle quickly and easily.

Shop now and find the perfect AR15 fixed stock for your rifle at Mounts Plus. Order now and take your shooting to the next level!

What people are saying about these AR15 fixed stocks:

Great AR fixed stock

I ordered this Magpul AR fixed stock because I was tired of the slop and movement in the typical collapsible stocks. The length of pull was too short so after checking on YouTube found a video of someone cutting a slot in the rail of the buffer tube. So 10 minutes with the dremel and now I have a quality fixed stock set to my length of pull.


Hard to beat for the money

I put these on three rifles after converting to "featureless". The length of pull is just a bit short for my tastes (I ran an adjustable stock in the 2nd position from fully collapsed) but it's nothing I can't adjust to (or fix with the thicker buttpad later on). The main advantage of these stocks in my opinion is their stability. No rattle, no wiggle, just a solid connection.


Great fixed stock

I ordered this AR15 fixed stock because I was tired of the slop and movement in the typical collapsible AR stocks. The length of the pull was too short so after checking on YouTube found a video of someone cutting a slot in the rail of the buffer tube. So 10 minutes with the dremel and now I have a quality fixed stock set to my length of pull.


Magpul MOE FCS fixed stock

Ordered this magpul fixed carbine stock to replace the adjustable stock on my bushmaster AR 15. FYI before you order this stock make sure you know if your buffer tube is mil spec or commercial spec on your rifle. I had to look it up online to find out which type I had, not sure about all Bushmaster rifles but mine was commercial-spec. This product fit my rifle perfectly and is very tight, no more wiggle in the stock like the adjustable stock had. I am very happy with this purchase.


Nice AR Stock

Nice stock. It is precisely what is says it is. A carbine fixed ar stock. Yes it's short, but they make an a2 or you can just buy one if you want a longer one. This AR fixed stock is sturdy and provides a comfortable and good shoulder fit. Super easy to install. It's also inexpensive. I'm 6-2 and I can move around a house or cqb pretty well with it. I bench shot it with sub moa groups. It's perfect for what's its for.

The MC

Another great stock from Magpul

I admit it, I'm kind of a Magpul fanboy. I have more money wrapped up in Magpul parts than I care to admit. A client brought me a black set of Magpul furniture that he wanted a 24" varmint gun built around, and this Magpul moe rifle stock was included. I've built, either for myself or for clients, ARs running every Magpul stock offered except this one. It just never got ordered by my clients for whatever reason. Well...that was about to change after I built this varmint gun. I Cerakoted it Burnt Bronze and it looked really nice. I put it on display (at the client's approval) for a couple weeks and had 4 more varmint builds ordered because of that Cerakote color and that stock. It's nothing fancy, but it does exactly what you want it to do. Length of pull is perfect for most average-sized guys, with optional recoil pads available for a longer reach. It's got a "down-to-business" look to it without being sci-fi looking like the PRS (which I run on my SR-25...). If you're building a RIFLE sized rifle, not a carbine, then this AR15 fixed stock is your answer. Also...I built MYSELF a varmint gun last year, and guess what I'm running on it for a stock? Yep. This one.

The Gunslinger

Great Upgrade

Bought this Magpul moe rifle Stock to replace the A2 stock I originally put on my DelTon lower that I am using on my 50 Beowulf upper as the A2 Butt plate checkering literally chews up my shirts and jackets as well as my shoulder from the recoil of the wulf. Originally I had just put the KickEEZ AR recoil pad on the A2 but the fit of the pad to the stock is so poor and it made the lop way too long as well as caused my 350gr loads to stop cycling, so I had to find something else and this Magpul AR 15 Fixed Stock was it. The fit to the lower is good and it even works with the GG&G single point sling adapter though I did have to file down the nub on the stock some as the cavity on the adapter is not as deep as the cavity in the lower itself. The LOP is now a little short but I will be adding the .70 recoil pad as soon as it comes in which should correct this issue. MY 350gr loads cycle again and hopefull will continue to do so once the .70 recoil pad is installed.


Magpul AR-15 Rifle length butt stock

Excellent upgrade for the AR-15 Rifle length weapon. Gives a Strong, more modern appearance with out skeletonized look of most replacement stocks. Very Good quality material. Gives you 5 different sling attachment points (2 on each side Quick Detachment type and one standard loop under the heel of the stock) and maintains a storage compartment under the butt plate for cleaning equipment or what ever you wish to use it for. I keep a spare Bolt and spare parts kits for the BCG and the Trigger assy inside it!


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