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AR 15 Bungee Sling [ON SALE]

AR 15 Bungee Sling [ON SALE]

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Choosing a Bungee sling for ar15

The unique system of the A.R.M.S. SWAN Quick Disconnect Rifle Sling features three points of adjustments in order to achieve the best fit regardless of the user's size and with our without equipment. The two main adjustments can be set based entirely on the user's individual body type with the third adjustment being entirely dynamic and can be used on the move in order to adjust the current sling tension when it is used in both the single-point or two-point configurations. The sling from A.R.M.S. allows the user to fit the sling securely for both stability and maximum control. The featured bungee system on the front/muzzle end of the sling drastically reduces the firearm’s "bounce" which would normally be associated with single point slings. This particular design makes sure that nearly 75% of the firearm’s weight is supported by the robust and fixed nylon webbing on the top (buttstock) part of the rifle sling which virtually eliminates any form of bounce during movement.

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