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Aimpoint Comp M4 Overview

A lot of law enforcement officers and soldiers serving their countries must work during night time in the worst possible scenarios. A soldier cannot determine the level of risk but he can determine upon the quality of the gear he takes into the filed. This is where the Aimpoint Compp M4 comes in as one of the well-known options for professionals all over the world.

Where most sights cannot last for more than 8-10 hours, Aimpoint will not abandon you at all, as it lasts more than that. It's not a rare occurrence to be left without a battery for your sight and this is the reason why Aimpoint's Comp technology is really popular.

Aimpoint Compo A4 is mostly fitted for the 3rd generation night vision, but they also serve you well at day time, thereby giving you 24/7 protection. The Aimpoint Comp M4 sights have killflash coating and specific antiglare on their lenses. When you purchase Aimpoint Comp M4 sights, no fog, shocks or water will obstruct your vision!

Aimpoint Comp M4

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