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Mesa Tactical is well known for being a bespoke designer and manufacturer of nothing short of high-quality tactical equipment and accessories for military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters. Mesa Tactical are always on the move when it comes to improving their wide range of products and accessories and with Mesa Tactical hailing the FN-SCAR as an incredible firearm, they seemed disappointed to hear about the firearm’s proprietary butt stock limitations in terms of configurations and also user desired options which is why they certainly didn’t fail to disappoint after introducing a butt stock adapter for the powerful FN-SCAR rifle.

Endless possibilities with the Faro Telescoping Stock Adapter.

The stock adapter from the professionals at Mesa Tactical allows the FN-SCAR rifle to use virtually any form of AR-15 buttstock which means butt stock limitations have now become endless. The extensive and wide availability of so many different configurations and styles of AR-15 buttstocks, which can now be used on the FN-SCAR, unarguably and dramatically increases both the versatility and adaptability of this exceptional carbine.

The Faro Telescoping Stock Adapter from Mesa Tactical subsequently replaces the entire factory FN-SCAR butt stock assembly. The adapter accepts carbine or rifle length AR-15 buffer tubes, which means you can effortlessly attach almost any form of available AR-15 buttstocks. Simply begin by installing the tube onto the Faro Telescoping Stock adapter, add any type of AR-15 buttstock of your choice and then install the FN-SCAR in place of the original factory stock assembly. The overall distance between the very center of your firearm’s receiver extension tube, once installed on Mesa Tactical’s Faro Telescoping Stock Adapter, and the very top of the FN-SCAR’s Picatinny optics rail, is approximately 1.21 inches in total, is exactly the same as the M16A4. This means both sights and optics made for flattop AR-15 rifles and carbines are able to also be used as-is with alternative buttstocks that are attached using the Faro adapter from Mesa Tactical.

The Faro Telescoping Stock Adapter from Mesa Tactical features a unique steel ambidextrous push button style QD Sling attachment points which are readily available in either Flat Dark Earth or matte black.

Faro Telescoping Stock Adapter features.

Don’t think the fun just stops there. Not only does the Faro Telescoping Stock Adapter allow for a wide variety of butt stocks to be added to your firearm, it also comes with a vast amount of special features for you to enjoy too. For example, the Faro Telescoping Stock Adapter includes an integrated steel insert specifically designed for quick push-button release sling swivels and let's not forget to mention adhesive rubber gaskets where the Faro Telescoping Stock Adapter interfaces with your carbine’s trigger module (the lower receiver) and a sturdy guide rod retaining plate.

  • Adapts directly onto the FN-SCAR in order to accept any form of AR-15 buttstock.
  • Provides FN-SCAR owners with a whole new variety of butt stock choices and options.
  • The Faro Adapter mirrors the height of the AR-15 stock to the top rail.
  • Provides integral ambidextrous QD sling quick attachment points.
  • Machined and produced from high-quality investment cast aluminum.
  • Available in either Flat Dark Earth or black.