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45 Degree Iron Sights

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Are you in the market for 45 degree iron sights? Look no further than Mounts Plus! We offer a wide selection of 45 degree sights for your AR-15, AR-10, or other rifle.

Our collection includes top brands like Magpul, known for their high-quality and reliable 45 degree iron sights. These sights are designed to be mounted at a 45 degree angle, allowing for quick and easy transition from your primary optic to your iron sights.

But why choose 45 degree iron sights? These sights are particularly useful for shooters who want the option to quickly and easily switch between optics and iron sights without having to take their eyes off the target. This can be especially useful in close-range shooting situations where speed and accuracy are of the utmost importance.

In addition to serving as a backup sight, 45 degree iron sights can also be used as a primary sight for close-range shooting. They're perfect for AR-15 owners who may want to use a red dot or holographic sight for long-range shooting, but still want the option to quickly switch to iron sights for close-range targets.

No matter what your needs are, Mounts Plus has the perfect 45 degree iron sights for you. Shop our selection today and be prepared for any situation on the range or in the field.


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