Trijicon SRS

Trijicon SRS Overview

Some veterans simply want it all when it comes to the utility of their accessories. They want their equipment to be light, take up little rail space and still be as functional as the best typical sights out there. For such demanding customers only especially great firms like Trijicon can deliver exactly what they want. One such wonder product is the Trijicon SRS. Sealed reflex sights usually are pretty long and have a nasty tube effect due to that length. Well Trijicon of course has found solutions, designing SRS that actually take minimal rail space, while retaining all their sturdiness and durability.

Trijicon SRS won’t just fail you at any time because of lack of power either, since they have both a solar panel taking up energy during daytime and a helping battery for those emergencies. The larger 28mm aperture offers an amazingly wide field of view, which will help the operator engage a target in record speed in comparison to typical SRS. The Trijicon SRS is a weapon’s accessory every demanding weapon owner dreams of, promising many years of perfect working conditions and extreme vision benefits. If you want the best of equipment to protect your country and life with, then the Trijicon SRS is the answer!


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